Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today was totally random; as a community we meet to pray for an hour every day during the week, we have been doing this since February.

We all sat down today to pray at about 1.30pm, when there was a knock at the door to our prayer room, so we all put on out most welcoming christian faces and in walked a guy who looked like any other British tourist here on the island (well maybe a little more handsome than the average)

I got up smiled looked friendly and said "alright mate can I help you?" he looked at me and said "yeah I heard you need some books" and out of a bag gave us two books for our newly forming library, he had read about it on this blog before he came out on a weekend break and had decided to drop them in!

He had been trying to find our prayer room for about two hours and was only here for the weekend, he had eventually found us by looking for Temptations lap dancing bar!!! we explained that we hadn't got the informational sandwich board for outside our office made yet and he asked if he could pay for our sandwich board!!

Now people have read this blog and sent emails and money, but no-one I have never met before has read it and just turned up at our prayer room in San An to give us two books.

He stayed and prayed with us and we gave him some goodies, we were all so chuffed that someone who admittedly was on holiday had searched us out and blessed us in this way. He then hugged us all and went.

It did feel like an angelic visitation, along with the fact that yesterday someone gave us the money to get a new Sofa for the office as well!!!!

Right now it feels like God is all over what we are doing and also I am amazed by the stuff that people have said to me and contributed to our community through this blog.

Here's to blogging, long may it reign


Ben said...
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Ben said...

Also Brian, you have to Admire God's crafty guiding and our library contributors persistence and trusting of the Lord. If our friendly visitor had found us straight away there would have been no one to deliver the books to, he arrived at precisely the right time!!! God is good

Tanya Heasley said...

Some might say that blogging can take us away from reality and our priorities, but I like to read about real life experiances with God, like what happened to you guys yesterday. Blogging helped that happen and with God's intervention (you guys being there at the right time), a blogger was able to give you what you asked.

I'm not bigging blogs up as the next best way to communicate, but I've linked my blog to 'Blog Ministry', which is as it says. A blogging site to spread the Word.

(Too much of the word 'blog' don't ya think).

indya said...

I was going to say something about the fact that that sandwich board still isn't done, but if it's because of money then I won't. However, there is now no excuse to not have it if someone has offered to pay for it! ;-)
Glad it's going well out there, God is so good!

Jenelle said...

oh my stars. this is such a nice story.

but what the hades is a sandwich board? are you guys selling sandwiches to get people to notice the prayer room?

Mimo said...

Wow!!! Awesome!