Monday, May 07, 2007

Well last night was my first in the west end of San Antonio since the season started and it was great, not very busy but loads of fun and good to get down and see a few familiar faces. At the beginning of the season workers have so much more time to talk because there are less people about.

Mark and Hannah have come out to the island from Bradford to work over here, they have been hanging out with our community and are a great christian couple. They get what we are trying to do. Anyway Mark got a job DJ'ing in the west end at The Corner bar and also at another Bar called Bar M, so Steve (the DJ who is part of our permanent team)and him were down there last night putting together some lovely tunes. It felt so good to see christians working in amongst it not sitting on the edge judging it.

I sat in the bar and had a few beers whilst the lads mixed their set, just thinking how this is not a project but life, how the people we hang with and meet are not potential converts but friends, how that this place were we live and work is beautiful. I don't see it as a mission field but as home. Whilst I am thinking this; outside a guy in a t-shirt and shorts danced on a table, 12 girls walk by in brightly coloured wigs, people are already puking, the bars are slowly filling up, the noise, the smell, it's back, wonderful and it's only midnight!

We have Kris staying with us for a few days whilst he sorts out his accomodation, whenever Kris turns up you feel like summer has begun. He's another Pre-Christian DJ we know.

I was talking with Steve the other day and we are thinking he should teach me how to mix, etc.... DJ Brian, have to change my name!!!

Last night there were 13 of us for our community gathering, which was so cool, (why am I still impressed by numbers?)

Anyway in the space of a weekend our lives have gone back to normal, busy, hectic, fun and unpredictable, theres no place we would rather be.


jonah said...


indya said...

Hahah 'pre-christian'... Tell him I said hi. I'm excited for you lot that the summer's began again. I would say I wish I was there but I don't want you to think that I'm one of those people that just talks about the stuff she wants to do and doesn't actually get off her ass and do it... it's just not gonna happen this summer :(

p.s and these comments are how you'll know I'm ok. I don't need a blog for that!

Jenelle said...

I really appreciate that this isn't your mission field, but your life. More and more I want to get rid of the professionalization of my Christianity and just live. You give us an eye into something that we're longing for: authentic missional living.

Boys Town said...

yay team ibiza!!! we're cheering for you here!

dave wiggins said...

DJ Brian? awe come on, you can do better than that! biggidy biggidy bong ... shabba