Saturday, June 09, 2007


We are now in the middle of France at a little roadside hotel. We have made good time and already done over 500 kms, only another 900 to do tomorrow. Got to get to Barcelona by 9pm, should be easy the car is going well.

It's been great chatting with Alan he had a really tough day yesterday, so today we have been just chatting and travelling.

There is something about a journey that I feel is good for you, the sense of moving forward, the car is better for this than the plane. You are more physically engaged with the process.

We got chatted up by a gay guy at some service station, he was more into Alan than me, but we dodged off really quick.

Paris was good, but intense, it's just so busy and its a total relief to get round it!

By the way a little book I have been working on called "writing on the wall" had it's US release this week. I'll write more about it next week.


Anonymous said...

you gotta love the whole road trip ting...may it be a full lung full of relaxation and fun for you!

J-Mac said...

Glad to hear you're having fun. Good job that Al wasn't wearing his pink vest when that guy was around. Ask him how to spell his name!

Ivonne said...

Good stuff Brian and yes, I agree with Steve, you've gotta love the road trip thing! I will be venturing on yet another one, with my dad, on July 18th to make my return to the homeland..guess you are gonna have to edit your blogroll again and put me under ITALIA!!!!

Jen said...

Have been really tempted to ditch my jeep and buy a baby blue volkswagon van just because of the road trip potential! My dad just bought a new one that has seats that fold down into a bed. Setting out on my own roadtrip last week of term. Continue to enjoy yours. Praying that God blesses you and alain with many more camp-like adventures! It's comedy reading them!