Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well we have used the people carrier 4 times this week, for drunks and the like. We had one who puked in it although we had a carrier bag, and one who wet himself, that was more just a damp patch. We now have two lovely green buckets in the boot.

I was wondering if I could get some form of counter to put on the blog to let you know how often your investment has worked. One for the van and one for the internet room. Which is attracting on average about 9 people a day, although last saturday there were 15 people in over 4 hours.

Out again tonight, this tends to be quite a busy night as there are loads of Spanish people out and about as well.

Amy Carmichael said "You can give without loving, you cannot love without giving"

I don't just want to give myself to this work, I want to love this work.

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J-Mac said...

Chatted with Al last night about all the stuff you and your family are doing. Incredibly inspiring to hear of love in action