Friday, June 15, 2007

World Mission

When it comes to mission I feel we have learnt a lot over the years. Mission isn't just about being sent to a foriegn country or a project we do, we are all called to mission, a lifestyle of mission.

I have been inspired by various missionairies over the years, and recently downloaded a video called Heart of God from a great site called Sermon Spice it's got some great quotes, although I think they should change the music. We can learn from these guys, wherever we are called to carry Christ.

Robert Moffat (1795-1883) was a Scottish pioneer missionary to South Africa who arrived in Cape Town in 1817. He opened mission stations in the interior, translated the Bible into the language of the Bechuanas, and wrote two missionary books on South Africa: Labors and Scenes in South Africa and Rivers of Water in a Dry Place. His oldest daughter Mary, married David Livingstone.

He once said this: "In the vast plain of the north I have sometimes seen in the morning sun the smoke of a thousand villages where no missionary has ever been"

Are we still feeling the call to go where no one else has ever been?

A guy called Dave Davidson said "World mission was on Gods mind from the beginning" is it still on our mind?

These missionary guys were driven (not in a wrong way) to let people know about Jesus. Oswald J Smith once said "We talk of the second coming; half the world has never heard of the first"

One of my favourite quotes is "Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell, I wish to run a mission within a yard of hell" by the missionary C.T. Studd. It still challenges me today about my own liking for comfort and a nice environment.

I am encouraged by men and women who gave themselves to the lost, another missionary John Falconer said "I have but one candle of light to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light" it's a challenge isn't it, sometimes I feel we are good at being light in light! Where's the darkness? Should we go there?

Someone else said "The mark of a great church is not it's seating capacity but its sending capacity" I like that, do we send enough people into dark places?

I know there is lots of talk about heaven and hell, what does it mean etc.. annihalation theory and other debates on hell are real hot topics in some parts of the church. Shouldn't the reality of heaven and hell still drive us on?

J Hudson Taylor said "Would that God would make hell so real to us that we cannot rest, heaven so real that we must have men there"

Just some thoughts.....


Mel Reynolds said...

I wish you would quit challenging me Brian;) Your thoughts are the echo of what I think too.

Nick Ashman said...

I was talking to my 16 year olds about why we don't do more to tell people about Jesus. If He has done so much in our lives, changed so much, why do we not tell others with all our heart, passion and energy?

I am really thinking hard about linking community work and church; how do we move young people from our cool youth groups to worshiping God? It's something that takes time and so I've not seen much of it in my first few years of ministry. But Praise God! One of our young people from our open group has been comming to our sunday 'church' sessions and has really got involved!

Sorry, story over,


Jenelle said...

Great post, man. Any word on you gettin in on one of Fuller's MAGL cohorts in the School o' World Mission? Fuller needs your voice.

Anonymous said...
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Rachelle said...

Man!! Now im home i still thinks you guys are sooo lucky to be in ur position and do what u do! So envious,... its so amazeing, honourable, and admireable - im jealous! ;-). U bring a whole new meaning to HARDCORE. God Bless you guys, and all you do. Chelle xxo.

PS: the CT Studd quote is my favourite too! =). As an old school WECer thts gotta be my heritage ;-)

Brian Francis Hume said...

Thanks for the awesome quotes! I am so thankful for the work of missionaries since my wife met Jesus through an American missionary to Poland.

I know I definitely need to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the challenge!