Thursday, July 26, 2007


Having just compiled "Writing on the wall" with a few other people and having had the chance to write the opening chapter and every chapter intro, I am feeling inspired to write a little can buy Writing on the Wall here please do... write a review as well that will help me.

Can't seem to sort the image of the book out....

I'm just toying with a few ideas, I know what I don't want it to be, but I am not to sure of the best direction to take. I don't want to do a stories from the West end or testimony book. However i would like it to contain lots of stories and as i am a self referenced person it would probably be easier to write if I did about things that happened to me. Probably more along the lines of lessons learnt. The problem with any story book is that our story here isn't finished, but maybe thats not a bad thing.

The other thing is that by writing you could imply you had life sorted and were deep or something like that!

But I could use stories from the westend and Ibiza to help kick off chapters

Thinking of some chapter headings.

1. My way, why Frank Sinatra was wrong (Dying to self)

2. Shame ( I suffer from this, with cornflake phobias and worrying about what people think)

3. Mother God (we all need a hug and God is bigger than just a father)

4. Fear no Darkness why king Theoden was right (I'm quite fearful, so could just be honest)

5. Naked Prayer (Normality in prayer)

6. What to do when you get puked on (grace would be a good one here)

7. Condoms, lighters and bibles
(good ideas and God ideas)

8. Journey (Travelling here, the journey and destination thing)

9. The Orgasmatron (big events and small communities! meetings culture etc...)

10. My swimming pool is leaking
(Shallow concerns in a needy world)

11. Someones urinated in my car!
(why do we worry so much about the things we own)

12. Will you pray with me?
(be the prayer.. )

13. Kindness (His kindness leads us to repentance)

Can anyone see an order to these chapters? What would be a good title? Do you think these could all flow together?

Maybe the kindness theme could hold it together? or the strangers in a new land learning lessons about ourselves?

I'd value some honest comments?


Tanya Heasley said...

honest comments????

tim said...

would it help to write it as a "story" book. so it can be all about things that happen to you, based on reality but you create characters that you can write about in a 3rd person way ( even though its about you and your friends). you could add little parables and other things. then it's not so much about answering questions, although it will, but it will help people engage with the story, engage with God and think for themselves.

We're all part of an 'un-end-able' story. it's a story without an end! even when we think we've finished it's really only a chapter(or maybe paragraph!) and it's being written for eternity.

paul heasley said...

brian, any good story needs something to grab you at the beginning get that right and the rest will follow.

Brian said...

Tim good idea, but not sure if the writing style would suit me, but I definitely wouldn't be prescriptive.

Paul, I'm with you I think thats the hardest part, but the most important part.

Tanya, isn't freedom of speech wonderful when it gives you the chance to be bitchy

john heasley said...

For a good title, I always liked what you said to me 'caring, not selling'

mimosa lankinen said...

No constructive opinion from this side other than I'd like to read it!!! :D

Tanya Heasley said...

Brian, sorry about yesterday, I was totally out of order.

They're all great titles, I have one to add.

'Forgiving' (even when people say stupid things). :)

Emma S said...

I would start with Journey to set the scene so people understand where you are and want you are doing. Then go on to discuss the other things.

I would suggest writing it from your own point of view and then explaining your thoughts through using the stories you have. Look at Wild at heart and captivating by John and Sophie Eldridge. Both books are written from the writers point of view but then this is backed up with personal experiences of different situations.

Doing it this way does make it more personal but it will appeal to people as it will be an honest personal account of the different topics you've picked to write about.

Don said...

I love the Mother God Idea. Not in a hippy God was a woman sense but just because motherhood is often largely underrated by movies etc. It seemed that the last good mother figure in a kids movie was Bambi's Ma and they shot her!
Great ideas over all Brian. I think that you have a style that's honest and query like, rarely coming across as false or know it all. Let rip for a chapter or two how you normally write and see where it goes.

Anonymous said...

Write about kindness. That is what I see when I think about your work in Ibiza.

gaylafriend said...

I'm completely fascinated that someone who does what you do in Ibiza would actually confess to being fearful and struggling w/ shame, grace, etc... I often put all you 24-7ers on a big pedestal, and to hear that you are normal and struggle w/ many of the same things I do really is encouraging. Writing a book about you and your experiences- and just being really really honest- would let many people know that God can use us just as we are. I think lots of people are waiting until they get to a certain mountaintop w/ God before they put themselves 'in the way' and allow God to work through them. Go for it! I'll buy it!

Anonymous said...

Brian, I agree with Paul, get the start right, and its all downhill from there on in. But by the looks of things it won't be as hard as you seem to think it will be. You're clearly a creative guy, anyone can see this from the captivating Chapter title, so just loosen your mind, pray about it, put pen to paper, and your hand WILL move. I loved "Writing on the wall," and devoured it in a couple of hours. (picked it up from the 24-7 Prayer house that is connected with Thurrock Christian Fellowship.) I am eagerly awaiting this masterpiece rolling off the printing presses. You're a fascinating guy, and will prduce I'm sure a great book.

Keep 'er lit big lad, and much love from a Belfast Boy working in Canada.

Carla said...

Love the chapter titles! Write them, they'll order themselves! xc

J-Mac said...

I saw the version you gave Al. Looks great man. How you getting on with Mike?

Jenelle said...

I loved Writing on the Wall and will soon review it for you. Was planning on it, anyhow.

I think you have a unique voice because you can say what everyone is thinking, but say it in a scathing but merciful way. You can say things that are awful and true and make us laugh all at the same time. I think that preserving your voice is very important. Don't try to imitate any other books, just get your self down on the page and tell good stories. You've got 'em.

Mark (from Guernsey) said...

Something like ordinary kindness - like the idea of ordinary radicals - kindness as a way of life or more appropriately as the way of Christ. Jesus people for 21st century.

Shallow concerns will be an important chapter - seeing what mmaters from God's perspective - not just from our respectable & comfortable perspective.

Condoms - be honest about good ideas that don't work. Most of my good ideas which I thought were God's ideas seem to end up going arse up?

Mother God is so important, we need to see God as multi-faceted, but remember that we must ultimately see God through Jesus. On the mother side the picture in Isa 66 is brilliant where the nations are flocking to Zion not because it is the centre of the winning superpower, but because God is at the centre "as a mother comforting her child". In our screwed up masculine-dominated power-crazed world (church?) that's a picture that's needed to be seen desperately.

Sorry for the waffle. Go for it on the book your unfinished story needs to heard to encourage others to dare to live love generously.

Anonymous said...


Sunburnt for Christ (my favourite)

The tanned Disciples

(Only) One set of footprints

Did Jesus wear sunglasses?


Son, sand and ----?----

Heasley 'LIVE' in the West End!

Bibles at dawn

JC on the island with me/ me on the island for /with JC

Ibiza recovered ?

.chapter titles sound interesting. hope these inspire. keep up the good work.

Steve said...

Can I write the forward? "Living next door to a Heasley"

Anonymous said...

I think a great title would be condoms,lighters and bibles! I love it! If i went into your average faith mission book shop and saw a book with that title slotted in between "how to be holy" and "turn or burn" or something... i'd definately buy Condoms, Lighters and Bibles. It sounds so real, and totally sets the scene for what you guys face out there.

Laura Hutch N.I.