Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jesus People

I´m just sitting here in the internet room in the west end, 4.30am. We have just taken 3 girls home to their hotels who had to many pills. Tracy, Helen and Becky have had to stay with them to make sure they are okay. So Ben and I are just sitting here waiting for a call. One of the girls was lying in the street shouting and being hysterical, the police came along and asked what was going on, so I turned to the girl and said "If you don´t get in the van they will arrest you" she jumped up and got straight in. I don´t think they would have arrested her, but as a tactic it worked.

As Ben and I walked back a girl leant out of her balcony and said "Are you the Jesus people" I shouted up "Yes, but don´t you think that a weird description?" she then went to talk to us but her friend stopped her. I actually like the "Jesus people" description.

So often the word christian doesn´t seem enough, we tend to tell people we are followers of Jesus rather than christians. I am not ashamed of calling myself a christian it´s just a very loaded term that people have lots of different ideas about. Jesus follower doesn´t leave a lot of room for misunderstanding.

In fact earlier in the evening a girl had asked tracy if we were a cult, Tracy told her No, but we are followers of Jesus.

Ben and I also chatted to a guy on a wall, he was very friendly, a catholic guy, when describing what we were about, we said we tried to follow the teachings of Jesus.

It cuts through a lot of denominational and sectarian stuff, to call your self a Jesus follower. There is only one Jesus but many denominations......


john heasley said...

There is a really good bit in the Donald Miller book, Blue LIke Jazz, where he talks about a time in a radio interview where he refused to defend Christianity, but was willing to talk all day about Jesus.

Tanya Heasley said...

I like it. Next time someone calls me a 'Bible basher', I'm not going to say,'I don't bash my Bible', I'll tell them to call me a 'Jesus follower' instead.

Although I wouldn't mind being called a 'Jesus Freak' as well.

Anonymous said...

all of donald millers books are good. well the ones i have read anyway, i am just ploughing my way through "through painted desserts" at the minute.

Tanya Heasley said...

Hay Brian,
I have left two comments both of which you haven't posted. I have two thoughts on that, either there's something wrong with the link or you don't think my comments are relevant or good enough to apply. If it is the latter then that makes me feel rejected and unworthy to comment.

This is another issue I have with moderating comments. Maybe you should write a post about what you would like your readers comments to consist of, such as a format or guideline on how to write comments.

Also, what happens when you are on holiday or something similer and you are unable to access a computer? None of your comments will show until you are able to sift through them and decide whose you like.

Brian said...

Don't be ridiculous Tanya, in case you haven't noticed I am busy. I haven't moderated any comments can you just drop this whole comment thing please.

Tanya Heasley said...

That is one of my act before I think moments, (I am working on it)sorry!

I don't realise how busy you all are 'cause I'm not there seeing it, I will be a bit more mindful in future though.