Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posting. Life has been very busy, Ellis and Daniel are in England and we have a team out from N.Ireland, it's great to have them here, it doubles our efforts on the streets and give us the ability to do so much more. Raises the profile of 24-7ibiza.

Yesterday we cleaned a beach, it's about respecting creation and treating the earth that God created well.

Prayed for a girls sore tooth on the street last night, but no drunks, which was a relief.

So today Tracy and I had a bit of an adventure a worker here ended up in prison, unfairly, I think.

We have been helping his friends to sort out bail, drove from San An to Ibiza town in 25 minutes (muy rapido), they needed help with the Spanish, we woke at 12.30pm and then started helping these guys at about 1pm and he was out by 7 pm, it was very moving to see him hugging his brother at the prison gates. Reminded me a little of getting out of prison myself although there was no one there to meet me because my release was unexpected (and my brothers probably wouldn't hug me!)

It was a great days work, very fulfilling.

Going out on the west end again tonight, I love this place and then on to a club with the team, hopefully we will get some sleep tomorrow.


john heasley said...

I'll hug you if you really want me to.

Boys Town said...

we are praying for you during this very busy season, brian! we love you guys and can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Say Hi to Kerry and Jessica Rae!
:-) Nina

Tanya Heasley said...

Ahh John, you're so sweet.

It's good to hear you have more people helping Brian, just wished I could.

I hear Tracy is talking on Sunday at Harlston. I'm hoping to be there, but our Spanish student goes home at 11a.m. so don't know if we'll make it in time.

Jonny McCormick said...

I am hugging you mentally right now!

J-Mac said...

Hope you're looking after my bro!

dave wiggins said...

keep going man ... say hi to Mikey and Kerry, they're sweet.