Saturday, July 14, 2007

Got this email today:

"I am writing to thank you for helping my son while on holiday at San Antoni about 2 weeks ago. He was helping a friend who was having difficulty walking (sadly too much alcohol) to get back to their hotel and it was looking like his friend would not be able to walk any further when your car appeared from nowhere and took them both back to their hotel.

My son has given me your card with the e mail address for 24-7 Ibiza. While he was away I was praying everyday for him and his friends that they would be kept safe and out of trouble.

Thank you again for such a fantastic ministry. When I told my friends at my Church Housegroup they too were amazed about your ministry. I praise God for you and pray that He will continue to use you in this valuable service."

It's really lovely to get some encouragement, we don't do it for praise, but it's nice when it comes.


lisa said...

Very cool! That's lovely.

Anonymous said...

In this life, we are often too eager to complain and more reluctant to praise. Keep up the good work.
Years ago my brother helped a girl who he found disorientated and distressed, she had been raped (he was on holiday in Corfu), just a regular act by someone who cared, a few weeks letter when back home he got a thank-you letter from her father. Its always nice to feel appreciate even though that wasn't the aim.

dave wiggins said...

class mate.

anaka said...

Hey Brian! It´s always good to get a kind word...
Keep doing what you´re´s working!

Ana (24-7 Spain, remember me?)