Monday, July 16, 2007

Man Flu

I've got man flu at the moment! My body aches, my mouths is dry and I am covered in sweat, got an awful headache and cough as well...

I think illness hits men harder because we are bigger than girls and we get the male version of the bug which is obviously bigger and stronger than the female version of the bug. Not in a sexist way just biologically. Not that I am a doctor this is just my own summation of the way it is.

Tracy has been ill also but it hasn't hit her so hard, she has still been able to cook tea, and carry on as normal through her coughing, she obviously had the mild version.

Everyone is out in the west end tonight, I am glad that I can stay in and just sweat it out. Alain and Tracy will get back at about 5am and then I have to take Alain to the airport for about 9am, he should be totally exhausted.

I've been taking Ibruprofen and paracetomol think I may have over done it, maybe I shouldn't have washed them down with a glass of wine.

Alongside this I am getting pins and needles in my pinky finger on my left hand, I am a bit worried about that.

I'll be sad tomorrow when Alain goes, it's been and will continue to be extremely tough for him, we love having him around. One thing we do know is that he has a loving family and church community around him to help him.

Please keep him in your prayers.


Mark Robins said...

Brian, I always wash meds down with wine and look at me! :-)

dave wiggins said...

you're on your moons

Brian Heasley said...

Mark thanks for your reassurance If your okay, so will I be. Dave good job I have Alain here to explain what you mean, do you think men have times of the month?

Anonymous said...

Typical man... of course your wife has as bad a bug as you--- she just gets on with it and doesn't create the fuss you men make! Why not keep Alain there it does him good.

Sheena said...

This SOOOOOOOOO made me laugh out loud! You men crack me up!! My sympathy for your misery, but I don't believe for a second you have it worse than your wife! Of course she was up making tea and taking care of the house...who else would do it if she didn't? Men are genetically engineered to be big babies when they get sick. I've seen it too many times to believe otherwise.

That being said, I really do hope you all feel better soon.

Tanya Heasley said...

Man flu!! lol.

I did feel a little sorry for you, but sick people don't drink wine, so I think you're a make out really. ;)