Friday, August 17, 2007


Last night was disturbing, a worker brought a guy to us who had been hit over the head with snooker ball, there was blood everywhere. This guy was a really fit muscled guy he made me look like a wimp. He was all over the show going from anger to tears very quickly. We said we would take him back to his hotel to clean up and chill out. On the way back he decided he wanted to go get his cut looked at so we took him to the medical centre. When we arrived he panicked and said to me “will you stop me if I run?” there was nothing I could do, he ran for it. Very random, we stood there and had a really good chat with the doctors and then decided to go looking for him. We just drove and came around a corner and there he was running up the street, now where we live if a guy is running up the street covered in blood he tends to get arrested. So we stopped and managed to get him in the car and back to his hotel. The timing was amazing, God must have led us to him, there are loads of streets and for us to just turn up one and find him at that time was so good. We left him feeling like we had really helped.

Later at about 4.30 am we were walking along when an African lady came up to me and asked me if I wanted a blow job! I was a bit taken aback, shocked and lost for words. I obviously said no, then gave her a card and told her what we were about. I then said “God really loves you” to her twice. We walked on I have felt so sad about this encounter all day. But God really does love her. It fries your brain sometimes, this is not easy. I had another really sad conversation last night that I can’t talk about. I was just disturbed by how easily innocence is robbed, how unjust this planet can be at times, what people will do for money and that sin is so real and lives can be so easily corrupted. I am not judging, I still love this place. I was listening to a song today about how darkness trembles at his voice, I want that to be the case but it doesn’t always feel that way.

I love the line in hawkmoon 269 by U2 where he says about a DJ saying "I'm going to kick the darkness until it bleeds daylight"

Psalm 139 says "even the darkness is not to dark for Him"

Right now I just choose to believe this, I yearn for the day when darkness trembles at his voice, where it bleeds daylight, maybe it does already, but our voices feel so quiet, our kicks so weak and the darkness seems deaf and bloodless.


Tanya Heasley said...

You truly bring the Light into the darkness. I too yearn for the day when darkness trembles.

I fear for you guys when you're out on the streets, but I know you are protected by Jesus.

Lisa said...

praying for you today...

Dan King said...
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Dan King said...

I too have often had that "kick the darkness" quote in my mind, turning it over and over.

I think it's originally from a Bruce Cockburn song, no?

Anyway ... you and the team are regularily in my thoughts and prayers.