Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feed me

I got a little bored with the green and grey and wanted something that reflected Ibiza a little better. Sunsets rule here.

On the top bar are 3 sites that keep me sane whilst living out here. Obviously as a christian I need to keep the old spiritual life going. So I use these sites to feed me. I go to the 24-7 prayer site for interesting articles and links to other 24-7 sites around the world. The stories are generally very encouraging.

I then use Sacred Space most days, it takes 5 - 10 minutes and helps me focus on God, it's a little directed reflection.

I listen to the New Community talks every week, they are normally about 35 minutes and worth a listen, I click on my talk the most just so it looks like it was the most popular, although Pete Greig has a great talk on there. Most of the talks are by Billy Kennedy a good friend of mine and the leader of New Community Southampton.

Well thats me, thats how I feed myself spiritually, I also do standard bible reading (not daily, I can sometimes get guilty about that). Prayer this is daily, community times also keep me alive, we have 3 of these a week. I love to read christian books which sometimes help and sometimes frustrate me.

In all honesty the thing that keeps me going the most, is being out on the street, "what you do unto the least of these you unto me", working on the streets is worship, discipleship, and service, I have grown most through this. It is a constant reminder to me that I am called to live for something other than myself.

I miss sung worship, although there are some good CD's out there. I love the feel of lots of people singing together, it's part of my tradition and one that gives me life. The closest we get to it here is in a club.

The Ibiza link just gives you general info about the island, worth a look if you are ever coming for a visit.

By the way, if you find any of the blog links not working, let me know.....


Jenelle said...

Looks nice around here. Kinda weird that we both changed our blog skins on the same day independent of one another. Must be in the air.

Tanya Heasley said...

Great tips Brian! Nice layout too.

Rupert Ward said...

looks good Brian - and love what you do to keep connected to God. I use pray-as-you-go for a daily meditation / reflection which i find real life in.

BTW ... it would be great if you could also be the most popular and downloaded preacher at our place sometime? Did you get an email i sent a fee days ago...

Jonah said...

Hey Brian!

My blog is no longer at

It is now at