Monday, August 13, 2007

I think the Police in the west end of San Antonio have a hard job, they have to keep the peace,I have actually met some very helpful police. There are a whole other bunch who are very quick to give tourists a slap, they will spray them with mace or beat them with truncheons, they are actually pretty brutal.

I don't like the inconsistency of this place on the one hand they want tourists because it benefits the local economy yet on the other hand they treat tourists real bad. Bar owners get a raw deal, if you are a Spanish bar owner it is easier than if you are a British manager.

The medical staff at the local centre are great, but there is a private clinic that charges people extortionate amounts I think they prey on the vulnerable drunken state of tourists. People get charged for stuff that the Spanish medical centre would do for free. It is a bit weird when an ambulance from the private clinic pulls up and the first caring question you hear them ask is "have they got insurance?"

Someone is making lots of money, out of peoples sad state.

there is more I could write on, but there are very definitely some unjust practices here! In fact I will write on them....... soon


john heasley said...

' No tyranny is so irksome as petty tyranny,'I believe is a quote about policeman and civil servants. So true.

Mark (from Guernsey) said...

I was in the police years' ago but didn't get on because i was idealistic enough to believe that helping people was more important than "nicking" them. Sadly too many join up to "get even" because of past grievances, and it is easy to become institutionalised (as the shift work reduces your opportunity for socialising outside of your work circle).

The saddest story I know is of a lad we were trying to help sort out his life, who was known as an easy arrest when he had had a few too many. He was never able to break the cycle, so he tragically took his own life. That hit me hard.

This is why your way of loving-kindness is so important in an exploitative social setting. Keep on spreading that radical gospel of love!