Wednesday, August 15, 2007

French Pooh

Sorry for the lack of blogging, life continues to be very busy.

Last night a couple of our guys found a chap asleep on a bench, he was alone, they called Helen and Ben who started to try to wake him, but he didn’t respond so they got his mobile and it turns out he was French, they found out from his mobile where his friends where so they went looking and asking for him, they even got the DJ to ask over the microphone if they were in the building, but they couldn’t find his friends. They sat with the guy trying to wake him in French for nearly and hour. Then his friends turned up and it turns out they were a load of deaf guys from France on holiday!!! No wonder they didn’t hear the DJ or the guy wouldn’t respond. Personally it was hilarious, the guy was okay, just on hols with his friends taking Khetamine…….. Ben and Helen took some of them back to the prayer room, one liked it the other expressed in sign language how he hated all religion.

I fell asleep during our prayer slot at about 3.30am, it’s always a bit embarrassing when you start to snore during a prayer time, I know I shouldn’t have lay down on the sofa to pray.

Earlier we had 21 people around ours for a barbecue, just before we were about to eat, we found out that a sewage man was coming to unblock the sewers of our neighbours but he needed to use the manhole in our back garden where we were just about to eat. We soon moved everyone, to our other garden (that sounds posh) it’s just a Moroccan courtyard…

The worst bit was when he asked me to stand on the hose which had just been down the sewer, I could feel tiny splashes of pooh, hitting my leg. The guy without the top on is the sewage man, that’s me trying not to get another stain on my yellow Ralph Lauren t-shirt.

I knicked the photos from Helens blog.

Anyway everyone’s toilets are now flushing normally, Steve and Dawn who live next door had pooh coming out of the sinkhole in their downstairs shower tray.

I am sure there is a spiritual lesson here some where?


Karenkool said...

Baahhha hahaha! Very funny post, Brian! They say that the sewer man turns crap into gold!

And btw, your little Moroccan courtyard seems posh too! ") Love it!

Thanks for the great laugh. (...trying to get another stain on your yellow Ralph Lauren t-shirt).

Kirk Bartha said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wiping eyes... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wiping nose... HEE... HEE HO... WHEW! Oh, buddy was that ever funny to read. O my!? WOW. Dude, I can hardly wait to hear that story told three years from now... You'll be so good at telling it by then... it will age well... especially if the word shit gets dropped in now and again.

Tanya Heasley said...

You're sooo funny Brian!

With the aid of photos and your literal discription I can just imagine what it was like trying to avoid other people's pooh spraying around. I'm glad I can't smell it.

It's good to know the deaf guy was ok too.

Anonymous said...

Oh aye, 'just' a Moroccan courtyard...

Mark Robins said...

"Some things are better out than in"