Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meeting with God

Funny thing happened last night, I met with God......

After each of our sessions with the team we sit in the prayer room and have a debrief, so at about 3.45am we were having a quick debrief, thinking about winding down for the evening as everyone was at a tiesto concert. We were just about to pray and talk to God.

When we got a knock at the door and there standing before me was God.

He said "I'm really sorry to interrupt your meeting but we've got a guy who needs some help"

So we followed God, who was a slight chap, with short hair, carrying a mobile phone and wearing a vest, some beads, jeans and flip flops.

He took us to man who had drank far to much and fallen over in a pub and cut his eye, he was an older guy on his own, so we sat in a doorway with him, and worshipped God, by reassuring the drunk guy, finding out where he lived and putting his wallet in a safe place were he wouldn't lose it.

The doorway we sat in was our pew, unfortunately someone had urinated in it, so Ben who was with me unknowingly sat in urine and worshipped God.

We had to listen intently because God had brought us to a doorstep that was surrounded by about 15 guys singing football songs, a beer bottle bounced of my foot, I chucked it in a bin. Eventually the drunk guy remembered his hotel, we heard him, picked him up and carried him to the van, God had watched for a bit but he was now busy cleaning up the bar he works in.

We got the guy up and took him back to his hotel the hotel staff knew him, so they took over and escorted him to his room.

On our way back we saw God again, we told Him the man was okay and he said "Thanks guys, I hate seeing people in that state"

I was glad God had interrupted our meeting and given us this great chance to worship Him.


Lisa said...

mmm... I love this story!

lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, fantastic!

Love from Africa...

Ben said...

I'm still totally floored by it! I have been thinking about it all day even as I do the washing up.

God asking us if we would mind stepping out of our own world, our own tiredness, our own selfish desire to go home and sleep because there is someone who needs help. How much is this the cry of God in this day and age. I say this to myself today (and hopefully tomorrow), is there someone who needs my help today, now? Is there somone who everyone else has overlooked? Can I please stop thinking of myself and my own worries for just a second cos there is a hurting, dying world out there in need of some serious attention. God please forgive my self centeredness.
Lets keep pushing on Brian. love it

Donuts said...

I love this. Heard a testimony on Premier radio today how a guy on his way to a church meeting stopped by a crowd because someone was ill. Turned out he was dying from being poisoned so this Christian rebuked the spirit of death, prayed for his healing and after a very short time the guy was in perfect health. The Christian's friend was telling him to hurry up or they would miss thier meeting. Makes you think why we are actually here doesn't it? Meetings are important but people's lives are more so. What would Jesus do?

Dore' said...

I love the way you love the people Jesus loves. Thanks for writing this down-I feel like I was there with you.
God bless you,
Dore' (Lisa's friend)
in Los Angeles

bill heasley said...

very touching Brian

anaka said...


scot said...

That's the best piece i have ever read on your blog. it sums up so well what you do and more importantly why you do it. Thanks Brian. see you in Seville.