Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My first Podcast

Well I managed it, I can now do podcasts.

I think you can subscribe using itunes, but not to sure, hopefully we will get it sorted in the next few days.

Have a listen to the one on the side here, I had just woken up, be interested to hear what you think?


Tanya Heasley said...

You rant well!

Morgan, Mason, Robyn, Turaya and me have all just listened to your 1st pod. They liked the sweaty bit. Robyn said, you do always sound nassle.

Seriously, I found you very natural. I could imagine you sitting there with your ciger, (crossed legged?), and the wind blowing around you.

I agree with everything else you said too, but I don't feel qualified to comment on it.

I look forward to hearing your next pod, and I'm sure Turaya will too as she kept trying to touch my laptop when you were speaking.

Mark Robins said...


HOW DID YOU FIND IT??? I've searched under everything I can think


bill heasley said...

very good and very thought provoking keep it up

Brian said...

Mark click on the my podcast thing, in the side bar, just click on the little green arrow

Mark Robins said...

OH YEAH! (Just like you say on the blog right next to it? Duh!) No, not boring at all - hearing the voice adds another dimension to the writing so just carry on. No, I don't think you should have notes, just talk. Structures? Yes, we need 'em but they can get in the way, if we're not careful. Is your backside OK now?
Heh, heh,

Kirk Bartha said...

hillarious... grumpy smokey pants.

mimosa lankinen said...

I liked the podcast! Just listened to it. Good stuff.

PS. Sorry haven't yet sent you the magazine -I haven't even seen it myself yet!!! Though it came out in June already..Crazy summer. And they forgot to send me a copy!! Grr, :-)

Anonymous said...

just listened to your first podcast, sounds great man, your clear, honest, not too waffley cos it you just chatting with your mates..or it feels like us(your mates) are sitting there with you...connectedness, i like this. keep going with them.