Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am now back from the UK, I got back at 2am this morning and will leave again on Friday morning.

It was great to be back in Diss, I had a great time, I bought an Armani jacket in a charity shop for £4.00, which is so cool. I will do a modeling shoot one day on various items I have picked up over the last few months. The church in Diss is going great guns and they made me feel so welcome, I really enjoyed myself.

Just for a bit of clarity, I have become director of 24-7ireland, not just Northern Ireland, director really is a support role, helping people to stay focussed on the direction and core values of all we are trying to do. There is a national team leader who makes it happen on the ground.

I got on the plane last night and there were group of people who have qualified to the later stages of the x-factor, they were flying out to stay in a villa and do some stuff. I asked one of the guys but he denied it,I finally managed to get someone to spill the beans. I don't want to spoil X Factor for anyone so i won't tell you who they were or who was in charge of their group.

I got talking to the Easyjet celebrity liaison officer, he was very tight lipped and gave nothing away, but I told him about 24-7ibiza, he then came and found me and asked for a card as they would be quite interested in doing an article on us in their in-flight magazine.

I had a great flight, best ever actually.

It's nice to be back and we are out with the team again tonight, I am looking forward to it.

Talked about Praying, Caring and Sharing in Diss, linked it to Psalm 40, we prayed, He cared and then He shared. It was simple because what we do is simple, we can all pray with someone, all care for someone and all share with someone.


mimosa lankinen said...

Still really enjoy the blog Brian, good stuff.

steve said...

I know what group it was!! Shall I ruin it?!? :-)