Friday, September 07, 2007


It's been a good week, sorry for the lack of depth in my last couple of blogs, sometimes it is nice just to skate around in the shallows.

We can't be deep or intense all the time, not that I am particularly deep or intense most of the time.

I am off to England a little later today, I am speaking at the church I used to lead in Diss, Norfolk. It will be nice to pop back for a few days, hopefully I will get a chance to catch up with some friends. I also find that getting away for a bit can help me regain perspective.

When you are up close to something you don't always see it properly so it will be good to step back for a few days.

This is the high street in Diss, Wesley preached in that church.

Diss also has loads of charity shops (thrift stores) these are my favourite places to go shopping, there is something very satisfying about good quality second hand clothes, I love the chance to get a bargain. Last time I was in Diss I bought an aquascutum overcoat, it is wonderful although Tracy hates it.

So I will try to blog whilst away, but if not I'll be back on Monday night, then next Thursday I fly to England again for the weekend and then N.Ireland for a few days, which should be fun.

I have recently become the director of 24-7Ireland which means I get to go to my favourite place in the world a bit more.

Anyway, just an update, nothing deep, I'll write on missional church next week..................


gaylafriend said...

Hey Brian- responding to your comment on my xanga blog, yes, the Jobes I mentioned are Bob and Andrea. They are friends/neighbors/fellow church members, etc... and our kids go to the same schools. I watched a part of their 24-7 documentary they are making the other day- Kelly Greene's part. She is also a dear friend of mine. AND... to make the world a little smaller yet... I went to school w/ Karen whose blog you quoted below! And I read Tonya Heasley's blog on a regular basis... seems the blog community has really brought many people together! Oh, one more. Pete Greig is speaking at my church (Believer's Church in Tulsa, OK) on Sunday. I feel like breaking out in "It's a Small World After All..."

Have fun on your trip!

Jenelle said...

Just don't diss anyone in Diss. That would be remiss.

Congratulations, new N.I. director!

dave wiggins said...

Can i strongly reccomend Hope Charity Shop, 99 Union Street, Lurgan. I'll have a Mars Bar waiting.

Anonymous said...

hi brian read your blog every day just wondering are you speaking anywhere in northern ireland would love to hear you?

Jonny McCormick said...

Hi Brian, didn't know you were the Director of 24-7 prayer for NI. Would love to meet you sometime mate?

Also how did u get the podcast multi=player, i have got mine embeedded to my blog, but it's not like yours it only shows one at a time, as opposed to listing them like yours, you know?

You can email me if you don't want to answer that question here,

cheers mate.