Friday, September 21, 2007


I de-activated my facebook account today, I was starting to get sucked in to it a bit to much, it was distracting me. I think it has taken over from day time Television I have noticed that a lot of mums use it, so instead of sitting about in their dressing gowns drinking sherry and watching Oprah they now do facebook.

It´s funny how easy it is to get distracted in general. I get distracted in prayer all the time, even when we prayer walk I can end up window shopping.

Maybe even in life we can get distracted, you know we get stuck in to a job, a position, a routine or a lifestyle and before you know it we are 40 and have spent 20 distracted years, occasionally escaping into a fantasy world of how life could be different.

I once heard a guy say that ¨A rut is grave with both ends kicked out¨

I am constantly aware of how easy it is to get into a rut. Habitual behaviour and the comfort zone these are big ruts in my life. Although over my time I have watched others jump from rut to rut geographically or employment wise, but some how they still remain distracted from what they should be really doing, they still appear to be stuck in some form of rut.

I feel most of our distractions are mental rather than physical.

The opposite to distraction is focus. There is a verse in proverbs that loosely tranlates ¨without vision people wander aimlessly¨ I have heard this used in church circles a lot, especially when a new initiative is being introduced. I feel it would be better interpreted on a personal level. Without a sense of personal focus and purpose you can end up wandering aimlessly and living a distracted life.

Whats my focus on? Whats my vision? What is distracting me right now?

These are the questions I am asking myself right now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, I've written a response to this post on my blog - you got me thinking again!

Cheers, Nick

Hannah said...

Read this:

I've re activated it right now but I am approaching with caution.

Hannah x

gaylafriend said...

excellent post. so relevant to what i am going through right now. i may not be distracted by facebook or blogging, but i certainly spend more time thinking about myself and my circumstances rather than putting my focus on Jesus.