Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weird Dream

My brother told me I looked tired the other day and the man in my little local coffee shop told me I had a tired face. I don't actually feel as weary as I did, just physically tired. My reactions are probably a little off kilter at the moment, but thats okay I am aware of it. Self Awareness is the key, well probably a little more than self awareness, being aware of what you are like and balancing it out so that you don't go to the extremes of your character.

In many ways we all know the places we could go to if we let ourselves!!! They wouldn't always be good places, holding back is good sometimes. So I need to get more sleep, then I'll feel better.

I had a weird dream the other night: In my dream I was with some team members we walked around a corner and then they went through a door, as they did a naked woman stepped out, I didn't know her, but she was lap dancer, she was crying, I hugged her, but this felt wrong because she was naked and I was alone, so I stepped back and went to give her an overcoat as I did this the team came back and I felt terribly embarrassed. I then woke up, it wasn't a sexual dream, just strange but it has stuck in my head. Whats that all about then?

Weird but not freaky, I just can't explain these things, I am not going mad......


Karenkool said...

Maybe that microchip that was implanted in your brain while you were an infant has now been activated. Be very careful! [insert action film sound track]

I used to interpret dreams... but I left that behind with all the other flaky things I used to do in the name of spirituality (do I sound bitter--haha). I actually do still believe that God uses dreams to speak to us. So maybe there is something there. Find some rest, my friend.

Fellers said...

God is definitely still talking through dreams.

I have been in a similar position in the last month whereby I had a run of dreams which I felt that I need to work with. In the end, I felt prompted to speak to our Senior Pastor about it and have managed to resolve my spiritual discontent. I posted on this over at my blog.

Pray for discernment! Keep on keepin on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,
I'm a reader and an 24/7 advocate from the West coast USA. I have been taking courses on biblical dream interpretation and for me, it has been especially effective with those who don't yet follow Jesus.

I think your dream is a good one. (You have to think symbolically) Going around a corner and through a door speaks of entering a new realm or phase of ministry. The lap dancer being naked is symbolic of a vulnerability that people will have as you begin to move into this phase. Your embarrassment may indicate that you have some worries about this new direction, but God is showing you that He will use it to open doors for you and your team.
Hope that helps,
Don Moore
Fox Island, Washington

Brian said...

thanks guys. I think you could be right.