Friday, September 28, 2007

Well we have been walking the streets of San An now 4 nights a week for over 21 weeks, we started in early May. Tracy and I do two nights each which works well we do the 4 between us, I've enjoyed it immensely. I hope we've kept you informed, even now looking back I can't quite get my head around all that has happened.

What I put on this blog is genuinely only the tip of the iceberg. I don't like to talk about all the great relational connections we have made because it could make people sound like projects and you shouldn't write stories about your friends. Although that has been the difference this year I really do believe we have become part of this community in a deeper way than ever before, and thats what makes me buzz.

We continue to help, last night was a drunk run, two girls in a complete mess, back to their hotel and all sorted. Tonight was very quiet although we walked a bloke home who had been clubbed around the head by a drug dealer as he was buying some cocaine. He was in good spirits as they hadn't taken his money and all he had was a lump on the back of his head. He gave me a hug and a kiss when we got him back!!! Always a little disconcerting when this happens. It's cold at night now, it was 14 degrees tonight, I needed my hoodie. We are getting home earlier and in 2 more weeks this place will be dead but we'll keep going, we where here at the beginning and we'll be here at the end, thats important.

We've seen a building that is bigger than the one we have now and would be ideal for us, you could have a table tennis table, a pool table, xbox corner, internet access and a prayer room. It's 36 metres (I paced it yesterday) from the top of the westend quiet but close. We could even host our Sunday gatherings there. I'll keep you posted.


Jenelle said...

totally unrelated to your need a widget for a free-standing comment box to go with your smooth podcasts.

Kris Goudie said...

cheers...yes mate... the podcasts are nxt.. maybe have one on 2nite actually...

Anonymous said...

I think this year as been immense! I will have done more chatting, praying and changing of lives in my two weeks on Ibiza than in the rest of the year thus far. Not sure what that says about the rest of my work!!

Great news on the possible building! I'll add to my prayers this new info and look forward to hearing more.

Rick Hill said...

the thing i love about your ministry is the risk involved.

been just recently trying to grasp how Jesus encouraged his followers to lose their lives in order to gain it.

this is what i see here...

keep risking all,

JILL said...

Hey Brian, just started this whole blogging thing.

Sounds really exciting what you guys are doing - and that building sounds very ideal for you guys.

Think you're over with us in CFC in a few weeks time. Looking forward to hearing you and catching up on what you're at.

The boys (Bluetree) brought out their album last week, so no doubt Aaron will be making sure you get a copy.

Love to all the family

Karenkool said...

A new building? Awesome. I appreciate the bits and pieces you tell about the outreach there. I'm also glad not to hear it all. I totally get that idea of not blogging about the new friends and connections--it kind of cheapens it or something. I follow that same "code" with things going on in my world.

Anyway--keep us posted as you do.

Brian Francis Hume said...

Brian, it has been awhile since I dropped by your blog. Good to hear that you're still going strong in the Lord! This weekend we have Steve Thompson (do you remember him from the ATD conference?) coming to equip people for prophetic evangelism. We're calling it THE BLITZ, invading the bars, clubs, coffee shops, and the like with the power of the gospel!

Keep up the great work! By the way, Aneta is getting quite big! We're just about 7 weeks from delivery of our firstborn!!!


Brian Francis Hume

Fellers said...


Your work is touching people's live right where they are. They are not going out at night to seek Jesus but many are finding Him. Your work is bringing such a fantastic blessing to those who meet with you and your teams. It is fantastic that God is challenging you all the time to expand and grow in Him. The new building sounds amazing, things are definitely moving forward! The idea of getting your Sunday gatherings down into the West End is awesome. I look forward to hearing more and seeing you soon at CFC.