Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shane Claiborne

If you haven't had time to read this book The Irresistable Revolution

You should at least watch this video, it's the potted version of the book in a talk given by the author himself.


J-Mac said...

Saw him speak in Belfast last week. Really refreshing. Re: your previous posts on McClaren, Driscoll etc. I think there much good in what each of these modern (or post-modern) theologians are saying.
But....sometimes it just seems like middle-aged white guys sitting in starbucks trying to outsmart eachother.

What I love about Claibourne is that he's just a simple guy, like anyone of us, except he is living out to Jesus' teachings.

It's like 'Jesus said it, so he must have meant it, so I'm going to live it'. I find that very inspiring.

Lisa said...

loved the book. liked the video too.