Monday, November 26, 2007


Had a sad weekend, Steve and Dawn who have been here for the last two years working alongside us and serving in the community have gone back to England. This takes us down to 5 adults. I have found it hard to articulate and understand my feelings around this.

Maybe it challenges my own tradition where success has been measured in numbers and makes me feel like a bad leader as a community decreases rather than grows.

Helen who is part of our community has had to stay in Germany after sadly losing a loved one. Please pray for her.

We have also just found out that our landlords are selling the house we rent(although they haven't told us!!!), not to stressy as there are laws that protect us, but we will have to move on at some point, definitely before the summer.... So we are now house hunting.

In the midst of all this I have felt calm, or maybe I am in denial of my feelings!

Driscoll is still bugging me, although I have just started to re-read his book and also a Generous Orthodoxy by Mr McLaren. I will also re-read Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.

Heres another interesting book coming out by a guy called Pete Rollins I must admit Pete bugged me a year or so back when I read that one piece of advice he would give to young leaders was to "Remain cynical" I prefer to try and remain optimistic! His book is called The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a church beyond belief I love a provocative title, so I will give it a review once I get a copy and read it.

Got a few posts brewing about Bride Bashing, Success and Men.


alamedero said...

Hey Brian,

Can you email me a scan of your rental contract? I can take it to some friends that are well versed in the law. You may have more protection than you think.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brian,

My name is Rodney Neill:

A member of North Down CFC, I went with Steve Smith on a recent trip to India, a reader of emerging church blogs, disillusioned former member of Ikon, interested in theology, returned to Christianity a few years ago after many years out of church, heard great things from Chris about his time with you...being from NI we have many common connections but have not met

I am experimenting in reading a number of blogs consistently rather than my scattered approach of which one will be yours (aren't you lucky) I hope to meet you one day.

toggers said...

hey brian... i liked (most of) rollins previous one, 'how (not) to speak of god'. worth a peek i'd say, even just for the first few pages.
emma appreciated the call the other day, thanks.