Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We have Ian Nicholson and Andy Freeman staying with us for a couple of days. Andy has recently written a great book called Punk Monk, exploring the development of 24-7 prayer boiler room communities.

I am seeing a rise in the number of people who are looking to develop these types of communities, which I find very encouraging.

I just hope that they don't set themselves up against main stream church.

I heard Bill Hybels talk about Broad leadership and Deep leadership. A deep leader is incredibly focussed on the one main thing, whether that be the development of a great congregation or a fantastic program. A broad leader has the capacity to allow a multiplicity of initiatives to be birthed around them without feeling threatened. They make space for other styles of church communities, and allow independent expressions to spring up and offer support and encouragement to these new babies.

I hope this happens with the birth of new smaller, exploratory communities around the world. A harmony and unity, that doesn't make one form of church right and the other wrong.

It excites me to see that there are older leaders who will allow new things to be born without necessarily wanting control.

A few extra thoughts on men:

Lingerie is a better word than underwear, by the way red and black are only what you like try and be sensible, delicate subtle hues are better. I once bought Tracy some leopard print underwear, she never wore it!

Appearance : make an effort but don't become a male tart.

Moisturise, flaky dry skin is a turn off.


tim said...

punkmonk is brilliant!! i'm reading it at the moment and feeling stirred and challenged with evry page.

lisa said...

on your helpful hints for men, let me add what i once told our boys...

girls don't like bad breath, dirty feet, greasy hair or body odor.

pretty simple, really.