Monday, December 10, 2007

We took this yesterday, it was a beautiful day.

What is it with spillages? Last week I spilt coffee on a my cream jumper, wine on two other jumpers, chocolate spread on my t-shirt. A bad week for clothes, I then had to hand wash a lot of my jumpers which takes for ever.

Saturday night I made my first Spanish tortilla, it went much better than expected, you have to do it slowly, potatoes, eggs, onion and for a little extra I chucked in some Spinach. Que rica.

Got up early on Sunday morning and went to watch the Hatton - Mayweather fight at a local bar, disappointing. I love boxing.


Anonymous said...

that is a great pic!! You guys are a gorgeous family!! Luv the pic..

dave wiggins said...

i thought it was a good fight with a disappointing end. we were all crammed in my living room watching it. i must be getting old though because i'm still recovering from the tiredness. take care. you 4 look very happy and pretty together.

Tanya Heasley said...

I think being clumsy is a Heasley thing, we have alot of that and spillages going on in this house.

I don't like boxing, I don't get the concept of hitting someone as a sport, but the boxers do look very fit and healthy (except for their faces post fight).

Karenkool said...

That was quite random! Love your family pic.

The other night my husband turned on the tube to watch a fight and it was over in like 2 seconds. I'm glad we didn't have to pay money for that.

Donuts said...

I love this picture, you all look so gorgeous and the beard really suits you Brian. We have a pic of you in our lounge, might put this one up instead.