Friday, January 25, 2008

Brains birthday

It's my birthday tomorrow. 

I think it was good that I was born in January otherwise I could get depressed when Christmas was over. I always get better presents with birthday money because of the January sales!  A January birthday is a winner.

I'm a bit like that in general, always needing something else to focus on. I like to have a ministry trip planned for when I get back from summer holidays so I have something else to look forward to. It's not that I find life boring, I just enjoy that feeling of anticipation and excitement.

I enjoy trying new foods in restaurants because you just never know you might discover something totally tasty!

I also like trying new drinks.

Being like this doesn't always make me very patient, but it is perhaps one of the benefits of having a christian faith. I have something to look forward to as well as enjoyment to be had right here and now.

Anyway it's not a big birthday I am just going to be 38! Years ago I thought that was old, but now it isn't.

50 is the new 40.

I've left my camera in England so I can't show you how my hair growing experiment is going, it looks good but very grey. 

Grey is the new black.

Tracy is out tonight and I am thinking about watching the Bourne Ultimatum with my sons, they won't get the plot but they will love all the action. I think it will be okay for a 9 and 11 year old.

9 is the new 15.

11 is the new 18.

Do you like the prickly pair? 

I used to get loads of cards addressed to Brain, it happens a lot, but thats okay anonymous. I have a very large brain.

Large is the new small.....


Mel Wiggins said...

happy birthday young slim brain. from the wigginses xo

Sheena said...

Yay January! Happy Birthday. Mine was last Sunday. I think 33 is the new 25, but I didn't like being 25, so I'm just gonna go with 33 and see where that gets me. :-)

I hope you have a fun, relaxing and gift-filled birthday!

Dan King said...

Happy Day Brian ... enjoy the cake (cake is the new .. um ... the new healthy fruit snack!!)

Love the pics from the new office/base of operations and prayer.

Hey, the 24-7Ibiza website is gone :( bummer.



Karenkool said...

WOOHOO!! 38. It's a good age. 40 is not bad so far, but it may be the very top of the hill. We'll see as next year rolls around and I turn 41. Oh I do want to see your "hair growing" project.

alamedero said...

Hair growing experiment??? Do tell, do tell.

Feliz Cumple Brain.

Karen said...

i was in a public place reading your post; smiling big and chuckling. i looked a bit mad. but for your birthday... i don't mind.

madness is the new sane...

happy birthday!!!!!

dave wiggins said...

also, fat is the new thin once you pass 40.

Brian Francis Hume said...

Happy birthday Brian! Aneta wants to know if you want a new, fresh stick of deoderant for your birthday? *smile*

I'm always getting letters, etmails, etc., with people spelling my name wrong. Several years back I got an email from my boss addressing me as "Brain". Okay, that happens frequently, no big deal. Then in the same letter, she mentioned something about "brian tumors". I couldn't believe it!

Hmmmm...I think I now know what it is. One of your readers described it earlier. It is when a person reads Brian Heasley's blog too much and starts going mad! *grin*

Have a great birthday!


Brian & Aneta Hume