Sunday, January 27, 2008

Men, please moisturise

Sorry about the prickly pear, I forgot to post the picture, I was trying to find a photo and just liked this one that I took.

Had a great birthday, my boys got up early and went on Call of Duty 4 and got promoted so that we accessed the Barret 50 sniper rifle, how cool is that. I am finding it a little hard to get used to as it has a fair kick but it fires 10 rounds very quickly, it's going to take me a few days skulking around online with the rifle before I can get maximum kills.

Had a big fat steak for tea and a beautiful bottle of sparkling rose cava.

Also got a Cohiba cigar, some great moisturiser cream and a beautiful pair of Cavalli sunglasses.

Cohibas are the king of cigars, most cigars undergo a 45 day maturation process, but cohibas take twice as long, so you get a richer flavour from the 90 day maturation. They are also rolled on the thighs of cuban ladies, I don't know if this makes them taste better or if it is even true, but it makes them seem more exotic. Probably they are rolled by some 60 year old cuban guy, who sweats a lot and doesn't have any teeth.

I think more men should moisturise, there's nothing worse than dry flaky skin, personally the Loreal mens range works well. Who wants to be wrinkly and flaky, go on get yourself some moisturiser you know it makes sense. 

Women love to kiss smooth skin. 

If you're just breaking in to mens beauty products (that sounds wrong) why not try Oil of Ulay cream, it's a great beginning. I used it to start with then went on to Nivea cream but this was a little to greasy.

I see that Clarins are also doing a great mens range, but I haven't got any. 

Nearly bought a shirt on Friday it had diamante buttons, Tracy wouldn't let me get it, it was red and flowery with silver glitter stitching.  I loved it, it would have been a great preaching shirt.

I think living here could make your fashion sense a little camp!

whoops forgot to post that picture again........


kiwipaddy said...

Tracy has good taste!

PS Belated Birthday greetings.

lisa, far away said...

Happy Birthday, Brian!

I've never heard such a detailed list of men's "beauty" products. You certainly know your stuff.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

alamedero said...

I can see a video podcast in the future:

Monsieur Brian from Ibiza shows us all how to exfoliate, moisturise and pull off wearing a shirt with diamond buttons.

That is something I would pay money to see. Fab baby!

Brian said...

I'll give it a go, I would like to video podcasts, maybe just in my trunks covered in various oils!!!!!