Saturday, January 12, 2008

Okay, in case you are wondering I am not on a plane with a number of cohorts secretly scanning the globe and tracking down celebrities to assassinate. We had a problem with financial backing, fake ID's, securing a Barrett 50 sniper rifle, co-ordinating the hit and also the dilemma that killing a celebrity would actually propel them to the front of the news headlines and be contrary to the whole reason we started our quest.

Oh and the fact that our faith says "love one another" and "forgive those who sin against you"

For Jenelle and others who like lists heres my top ten dilemmas

1. Peaceful resolution or Violent resolution
These are the games that go on in my head, sometimes I have to fight the desire to fight!

2. Judgemental or Gracious
I kid myself that I am more gracious than I think.

3. Forgiving or Resentful
Resent feeds something in me, but I would be better off letting it go.

4. Drunk or Sober
I always have this desire to have "just one more"

5. Clean mind or Dirty Mind
I don't really like the "dirty" word, but you know what I mean you can let your imagination go down the deep and dirty track or the clean track, you choose!

6. Driven or Called
Am I doing this to prove something to my people or past? Or because I am called?

7. Lust or Love
Ones all about me, the other involves giving.

8. Real or Fake
Who do you see? the real me or the person I want you to see.

9. Transparent or Clouded
How much should I tell?

10. Vulnerable or Guarded
Bear your soul and risk getting hurt, there are times when guarded is the right thing.


dave wiggins said...

its maybe cause you're very 'spiritual' but the books in your bookcase are actually floating!

Anonymous said...

brian..that 10 list is absolutely brilliant!!
that was fantastic.
well said.

did you come up with the list or just answered it?

so good.

Brian said...

all my own work Kazza

chris jones said...

dude - great list - good choice to be transparent on this one...because I think your list is similar to mine. Seems to me some of the biggest problems result from us pretending we don't have a list and then feeling isolated as if we are dealing with a list no one else struggles with. Nice one.

Mark Robins said...

Exactly right! Enough said from me.