Friday, January 18, 2008

Prayer for Ireland

We are trying to get year of 24-7 prayer running throughout Ireland this year, last year was great with 24-7 prayer happening in about 60 places throughout the Emerald Isle.

This week we have two churches praying followed by another church going for a weekend of prayer in Priesthill and then Dublin praying next week in one of the theological colleges so good momentum starting....

We want to see this thing grow, not because we want the name of 24-7 to grow, but we believe that ongoing and consistent prayer will have an affect on our land.

I believe in an interventionist God, a God who breaks in, a God who can change things, a God who can make the impossible possible a God who hears and responds to our prayers.

I urge you to pray, get it on, get it rolling but pray. Don't wait for someone else to do it, you do it.

If you're reading this and you would say you didn't have a faith, give it a go, pray and see what happens.

Anyway, please lets see if we can cry out to God for Ireland this year as people have done for many years, but with an increase in fervour and passion.

Arthur Wallace wrote about the Scottish revivals: “let it be burned upon our hearts by the spirit of God that this mighty movement, was not only born out of prayer, but that it brought forth prayer and was maintained by prayer”.

If your in Ireland and want to sign up and don't know how go to it's easy.

Prayer changes things


rick hill said...

get in - more of it here in ireland please Lord

Steviep said...


we r wanting to do a tour of ireland in july with a team of 24 people. this will include 12 canadians and from yfc

we'd hire some rv's and tour ireland praying and preaching in towns

do u have any connections that could help set us up in towns

would love for youth for christ to help with this vision