Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Building

We have agreed to rent a new building! and are now on street level right in the West End of San Antonio.

We have gone from 40 square meters to 90 square meters!

We also have a toilet

Excited and scared. More excited than scared. This a good place to be, the next step in our journey here.

We've got to furnish it, decorate it, get a pool table, install air conditioning, put a security grid on, get an xbox and plasma screen, etc..

We need to build a partition wall for the prayer room. This will be the window in the prayer room.

We can host a gathering here, run courses and do so much more, it's fantastic.

The rent will be 1000 euros per month instead of 650. Mind you we don't know how we manage the 650 a month so it's just another step into the unknown.

These are old photos from last year when we checked it out, we move in on the 1st March.

Watch this space


Rachel said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That's so exciting! Can't wait to come have a look in two weeks! woo! so impressed you have a toilet too...tho i will miss the trips to kfc! Where abouts is it? ( the building that is, not the toilet!)Love Rach xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats thats so exciting! And yay for the toilet lol! I cant wait to get there! Laura x (and I realise I've just written the same as Rachel but I feel it tooo lol!! )

Alain Emerson said...

Brian, Fantastic mate...so exciting and so pleased...looking forward to seeing you soon...big love to all

Nick Ashman said...

This is great news! Praise God for your faith in Him and His provision for this work!

It looks amazing!

If you need hands to help build and paint let me know as I would love to pop over.

Just Awesome!


dave wiggins said...

brilliant! i love the glass bricks.

lisa said...

Congratulations! That's great. Here in Tanzania, we have land but no buildings.

anaka said...

Hey brian! Felicidades!!
We´ll be praying...
Anaka 24-7 Spain

Jenelle said...

very very happy about this. those windows are lovely, too.

Karenkool said...

It's awesome dude! I want to contribute!

katrina said...

woo hoo!

indya said...

Hooray for the toilet.

Anonymous said...

The new space is completely glorious!! Space for the vision to grow. Am very very excited!!

Chris+Johanna said...

I remember holding my pee until being back at your place cause I didn't want to go to the toilet of the cafe next door all time... :-)
So, halleluja!