Thursday, January 24, 2008

So it begins

You might think we are crazy having a stripped back team and going for a bigger building!

You've got to keep moving forward, last summer our existing building was used on average by 15 people 6 days a week from May to early October, that doesn't include visiting teams that used it and our resident team. We often had people sitting on the floor.

This year we will create zones in our new building, an internet zone, a prayer zone, an xbox/wii zone and a conversation zone, four defined areas. We will also have more wall space which will enable us to develop our library, put up drugs awareness info, sexual health leaflets, a jobs board, accommodation board and also a general Ibiza information board.

We will provide welcome packs again, more bibles and condoms, plus lots of other goodies. We are going to tentatively venture into the world of sexual health by linking up with pregnancy centres in the UK and also offering free pregnancy tests.

We have 7 teams confirmed and booked to come out and work with us this summer, which is fantastic.

Someone has bought us a brand new leather settee and two chairs for the xbox/wii zone from the coolest furniture shop in Ibiza, and another organisation has agreed to send us £50.00 a month to help with rent since I last posted!

We will be very busy from now on and will probably rest again in November, but this excites me.

We need to raise about £8000 for setup costs and then try and increase our regular monthly project giving so that we can pay the rent, bills and run our vomit van, we are up to £300 a month regular guaranteed giving but that could really do with being £1000 a month, it's a challenge and so far we haven't run into any problems, miraculously the money turns up when we need it.

Right now, I feel alive.

Jesus said "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full"

Bring it......

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