Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter in Ibiza

So if your reading this and thinking about coming to Ibiza for the winter, I think you are on to a winner.

There are no direct flights from the UK, but we find that the best way is to go Easyjet to Barcelona and then take clickair to Ibiza, You can normally source flights for no more than £120 return. You can fly direct from Heathrow with Iberia although you will stop in Madrid or Barcelona for a few hours. Go for a short layover but if it is more than 4 hours catch a train into the centre of Barcelona, grab some lunch then catch it back. You can leave your luggage in Barcelona Airport the biggest container costs 4.70 euros for 24 hours, we got a family of 4's luggage in easily. Don't be fooled by the warmth of the airport take your coat, Barcelona can be chilly. The train is the best way in.

Anyway, what does Ibiza offer in winter?

Well if I were you I would stay in Ibiza town, it's alive, cosmopolitan and has loads of great cafes, restaurants and shops. Pacha at weekends is fun, Aura is a great place for a meal but thats out near San Joan, Bar San Juan Comida is a great place for cheap wholesome food in Ibiza town, loads of atmosphere.

Walking is probably one of the best things you could do, there are loads of empty beaches and beautiful valleys, I'll lend you my dog if you want.

The light is great so photography and painting would also make a great winter holiday.

The only downside is that the weather is generally good, you could however get a crap week, they say you are not likely to go 3 days without sun and in writing this the sun has shone gloriously here for the last 10 days. We have had visitors at easter for 5 days and the sun didn't shine once!

Hire a car get out to San Carlos, bar Anita is a must, go for a walk up to Es Vedra, go to the car boot sale at San Jordi on Saturday, even if you don't buy anything it's good looking at other peoples junk. Check the caves out at San Miguel, Walk along Salines. have great days out walking pottering and exploring get back to Ibiza in the evening for chilling.

Take some books, scarves, jumpers etc and just chillax!

Santa Gertrudis is great for coffee shops and restaurants, Santa Eulalia is very busy in winter and worth going along to, loads of restaurants and a pleasant selection of shops..

Sorry this list is all over the place, I want to put more Ibiza info on here because I get lots of google hits with people checking out Ibiza. If you want any info just ask... I can try and help

I wish I could give this site 3 pages, Ibiza life, Spritual thoughts and general randomness. I have also thought about posting interviews on here. I'm curious and there are lots of people I would like to talk to, maybe I should try it?

Going to do a post on Khetamine this week!

Do you like the prickly pear, a winter photo


J-Mac said...

Aww man there's nothing I would love to do more right now. Empty beaches, san miguel, cohibas, peace for the soul...

Rachel said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! 9 days to go!!!!!!

alamedero said...

I'm still waiting for the photo of Brian avec hair.

Dave Carrol said...

Looks very cool...

Read lots about ibiza through the 24/7...


Sheena said...

Lordy how I wish I could. It's about 0ยบ here right now and wet/icy. A walk on the beach sounds pretty great. I think I'll have to wait until next winter. But just you wait...I'll come bother you Heasleys yet!