Friday, February 29, 2008

24-7 Spain

Off to Madrid today to spend the weekend with the guys from 24-7 Spain. Pray for me, last time I went down like a lead balloon and inadvertently offended people!

The guys in Spain have also suffered the loss of a dear friend a few days ago so there will be sorrow.

I'll get to hang out with Jonah which should be fun. I will also hook with old friends Aitor and Loida.

It would be great to see 24-7 Prayer regaining momentum in Spain, my heart would be that we see prayer rooms popping up all over the place and that communities start to grow throughout the land.

Many of the more forward thinking churches in Spain are still quite pentecostal/charismatic with the big superstar pastor. Men dominate the horizon with only a few exceptions. I'm not sure what it will take to truly engage with Spanish culture, I have a suspicion it would probably be around food, family and music. The big congregational gatherings appeal to certain types, immigrants, gitanos that kind of vibe.

I had one guy talk to me about his pastor of a fairly large charismatic church, he said "the pastor hears from God we do what the pastors says" 2 things: Thats lazy and maybe catholicism still has a background hold.

Hopefully a praying generation can have an impact on this wonderful country.

3 days in Madrid will help my Spanish, we can live in hope!

I think I will lose the music for my next video cast and also keep it shorter, I need to podcast more regularly maybe that could be a little longer?

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dave wiggins said...

Hi Brian. Enjoyed your thoughts on fear and faith and your slightly Gervais laid back 'vibe' video. I thought you responded to anonymous very gracefully too. Spending a few quid on coffee and a slice of cake is no better or worse than spending it on a few cigars (good cigars i might add). Have fun in Madrid ... Ola, donde esta la livatorio sil vous plate?