Sunday, March 02, 2008

Still in Madrid

Still in Madrid it' been great to hang out with the guys here, I fly back to Ibiza tomorrow which I am really looking forward to.

One or two changes are afoot and it's nice to be part of them. One of the things we will do in the next year is get Red Moon Rising translated into Spanish, which will really help us communicate the story of 24-7 prayer here in Spain.

It has been good for my Spanish, I was here last year and have been pleasantly surprised at how much more I know now, it has at last given me hope that I can learn this language.

Maybe then I will start a Spanish blog!

Anyway just been called for mi desayuno!

hasta pronto


anaka said...

It was great having you here brian!!
Next meeting will be in IBIZA, ok?

Aitor de la Cámara said...

Brian, quiero un blog en español.
Thank you for coming, it was great.