Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fly Globe Span

Fly Globe Span get you to book online, then cancel the flight and mess you around I had 2 online changes, which meant I had to change my onward flight to Ibiza.

Leg room is useless, food was pants, and it didn't really work out that cheap.

These guys are clever at ripping you off.

Had a nightmare in Edinburgh airport, FLYGLOBESPAN are a rip off airline. With most european carriers you get a 20 kilo luggage allowance plus your hand baggage. So you can normally get a 20 kilo suitcase in the hold and carry quite a heavy bag onto the plane! This is normal and you just assume that unless you are traveling with Ryan air or someone like that everything will be okay.

On my arrival at the airport I was informed that 20 kilos was my total baggage allowance!!! this meant my 10 kilo hand baggae was counted in that 20 kilos, so I ended up having to pay an extra £50 for my hand baggage!!! I was furious, it took me about an hour to calm down.

They say it's clear on their website, when you look I guess they could get away with it. But I am convinced that they are banking on people making the same assumption I did so that they can get extra cash. It's a cynical ploy, they argue that it isn't, but it is.

Fly globe span = money grabbers.

If at all possible avoid flying with this firm.


Mimo said...

Thanks this was actually useful information for me! I'm flying with them in 3 weeks time, not by own choice though. I will spare that in mind!! Will be close to yous, Mallorca!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe that people still book with Globespan after their well documented transatlantic chaos which ultimately ended up with their operating licence being withdrawn, their utter lack of concern about customer service (it is absolutely appaling)and their recent large fine for operating an aeroplane which did not comply with the necessary regulations,
It beggars belief that anyone would book with these people whom are no better than a cowboy outfit.

Brian said...

I totally agree