Monday, February 11, 2008


It's 7am, the sun is rising over the scottish highlands, I have just stood outside on a beautifully mild and clear morning. I wish I had my camera but then some moments are just meant to be savoured not captured. You can't always live these times through a lens. In our desire to capture beauty we can lose it.

I have seen much beauty over these last 10 days.

The beauty of the sun rising in Ibiza as I left and then setting as I arrived in Belfast.

The beauty of a football match where crowds expressed passion and teams played their hearts out.

The beauty of gathered christian communities coming together to celebrate with passion their risen Lord.

The beauty of generosity and hospitality.

The beauty of well made coffee and great coffee machines.

The beauty of church engaging effectively with it's local community.

The beauty of a project going from dream to reality.

The beauty of being with a broken, damaged and hurt friend and witnessing his love and depth as he struggles through dark days.

The beauty of people questioning their futures with a willingness not to settle.

The beauty of friendship and the comfort it provides, years of layers and experiences together that make for great companionship.

The beauty of nature, every changing yet constant.

The beauty of vulnerability, openness, questions and love.

And tonight I will experience the beauty of reuniting with my family.


karenp said...

brian brian brian....
that was awesome.
rich language. real life with deep words.
thanks for writing that.

kiwipaddy said...

really inspired by those words/thoughts ... thanks.