Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have been listening to a great artist called Voy Fance ( Sorry that's Foy Vance thanks wiggy!) it's phenomenal album beautiful haunting lyrics. Don't know the album name as I downloaded it from a friends CD.

There's one song called Gabriel and the Vagabond about the angel Gabriel meeting a drunk

"the tramp started to cry kept saying "why, why, why? can't you see I am a down and out? I'm 32 and I've got this one pair of shoes and a bad taste in my mouth. I think it's clear to see that even God don't love me, or else why would he leave me this way?" Then Gabriel just smiled and said "be at peace my child, salvation is here today"......."

My friend Stevie was talking to me about homeless people the other day, he said "I bet none of them ever dreamt of being homeless when they were young, this wasn't one of their aspirations"

Life deals people a bad hand, we mustn't walk by.

I saw a burnt out tree today, it was sprouting green leaves. After the damage things start to grow back. The tree will never look the same again but it will have life. Does the damage that is done to us over the years make us stronger?

I guess we choose the answer.

If you're cut deep you will still heal, but the wound will always have scars. It's how we live with those scars that make us who we are.

It's my decision whether or not I let the past dictate to me my future.


kiwipaddy said...

how true.

J-Mac said...

The album is called 'Hope'. I hope you are going to buy the cd! He is a great guy and deserves to be paid for his work.

Great post. Really thought provoking.

Brian said...

Yes I am going to buy the album, I couldn't find it on itunes?

dave wiggins said...

if you're spelling him voy fance you'll never find it ... try Foy Vance