Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Mission field

"The Mission Field" what's that all about then?

Probably comes from the the fields being white unto harvest.

It's crazy though, there is no such thing as the mission field.

The fact that it is a field, a specific location suggests we go to it and return from it. People come back for furlough then get back out into the mission field.

It bugs me that mission has been relegated to some form of locational activity.

There is no mission field, there is however a mission driven life. Maybe not even sure about the word "driven" maybe it a mission centred life. Mission is who we are not where we go.

I was struck by michael frost and how he asks "what is our organising principal" what do we organise our lives around.

As a child in the 1970's I went to Belfast Zoo, they had a gorilla in a small cage that used to sit on a bench and smoke cigarettes it was great to watch, very entertaining. The organising principle of the Zoo was entertainment.

I took my children to Belfast Zoo about 4 years ago we went to see the gorillas, but there was sign saying something like "you may not see the gorillas as this is a big enclosure and we are running a conservation programme". The organising principle of the Zoo was conservation. They changed what they organised around in order to survive.

Church needs to change it's organising principle. . What is our organising principle?

Our organising principle must be mission, not mission in a detached form, but in an all encompassing whole life form.

Missional living.

Lets burn the mission field, it's dry, dead and useless.

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great blog brian. hope you've cut your hair?