Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ibiza Master Chef

Last night I cooked my own supper. Follow these instructions carefully and you will be a very happy and well fed bunny.

1: Find a steak, this one weighed 600 grammes, just over half a kilo. Also put an apron on, this will save you ruining your clothes. This was my particularly expensive Tommy Hilfiger shirt I bought in Ireland for £1.75!

2. Thickness is important, I went for about 2 centimetres thats 1 inch for all you people who use imperial measurements. Theres is nothing worse than a thin steak.

3. Fry the steak, start hot, flip it twice to seal in the flavour, this is were the apron is very helpful.

4. If you want to do something a little fancy sprinkle something on it, I tried this Swahili Lemon Pepper (It made me think of Lisa and Byron, Maji ukiyavulia nguo huna budi kuyaoga.)

5. Make a little something to go with it but don't waste your time on anything to taxing, cutting a tomato in half and using some left over salsa you found in the fridge is probably a bit over the top, but what the heck, live a little.

6. Red wine is essential, I found this little native Catalunya wine Masia Perelada a mixture of Grenache and Tempranillo grapes, rustic and cheap, but at 13.5% it did the job.

7. Eat Steak and drink wine. Leave salsa and tomatoes they were a waste of time.

8. Fall asleep on the sofa whilst meal digests, haul yourself into bed at about 1am with sore neck, then don't eat for 24 hours to justify your meatfest.


jenelle said...

Naked chef, eat your heart out.

lisa said...

Nice proverb :-)

So, did you really manage to not eat for the next 24 hours?

The steak looks good. Yum.

dave wiggins said...

good work mate. get it down ye. few chips would have done alright too though.

Rachel said...

hahaha love the pics - i can so imagine you poing for those!!! You are worse than me!

Becky said...

Careful with that apron - if you get t wet the colours run and stain your clothes

Steve said...

Man I miss just popping next door to see what you are all up to. And I especially miss my good friend Tom! I wish he could use the internet.