Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our New Room

As promised a week ago, here is my new list for our new room in San Antonio. Not much happened with my other list but I guess some of you are the praying kind and you can at least offer one up to the Big Man for us.

This week we are moving into larger premises that can accommodate more workers and have more space for informal conversation. We will have activities to encourage people to stay around for longer - Xbox and Wii tournaments, a pool table and comfortable space for people to sit and chill. There will be information and advice boards and we will still have the computers so that we can continue to offer free internet to workers. Sounds good!

We plan to use this facility all year round, with after school clubs, a space to host classes, prayer meetings, poker evenings,coffee mornings and lots of other informal gatherings. It will be a better place for hosting Sunday evening gatherings for which we already have some interest. And of course we will also have a prayer room.....

This is the rough bit.....

I know I've said this before but our rent for these premises will increase from 650 euros per month to 1000 euros per month, with a corresponding increase in utility bills. In addition there will be various start up costs. All of these are to make the place one that is helpful and welcoming, from which we can express the love of Christ

We need some generous one-off gifts plus an increase in our monthly project support in order to cover these costs.

. Please read the list below – we would love people to nominate to pay either for a specific item or make a general donation, if you think your church group might be up for it I can send you a PDF of this in a little more detail....

24-7 Ibiza New Centre Costs

A portable air conditioning unit 452,40 €
(for the big room, we can move it around to different places that need it)

A wall mounted air conditioning unit 365,00 €

(To keep prayer room cool, it's horrible when hot, sticky praying people raise their hands to heaven, it's not sweet smelling incense it's sweat smelling)

Security grill for the front of our building: 2,190,00 €

(With our all glass frontage, thieves can see all we have on offer, we need to deter them)

Materials for internal wall to create prayer space 400,00 €
(I'm going to have to build this myself!!!!!!!)

Nintendo wii with accessories 300,00€
(great for workers tournament, the guys in Tenerife do this a lot and get loads of people playing)

Plasma wall mounted TV 820,00€
(necessary for tournaments, classes and gatherings)

Pool Table between 750,00 – 1,500€
(we will put prayers on the balls everytime you pot one consider it an answered prayer)

Paint 120,00 €
(body paint for Tracy, oops sorry mind wandered... paint for the interior of the building)

Sound System 300,00 €
(You've got to have music, rhythm is a dancer)

4 stools for computer 280,00 €
(we will have a nice little bar for people to sit at)

1 new computer 600,00 €
(Last year we didn't have enough)

Sign for outside building 1,200,00 €
(people need to know where we are!)

Soft furnishings 300,00 €
(we need to take off the hard edges)

Bookshelf 57,00 €
(books have to live somewhere)

Games and controllers 169,00 €

Sofa and chairs
already given!

Xbox console
already given!

Total in euros 9053,40 €

Going with exchange rates 25/02/2008

Total in Pounds sterling £6,858.64

Total in US Dollars $13,428.40

If you can help, give me a shout, peace and love, by the way thanks to the person who gave in advance, I'll send you a little email this week.........................

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