Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Prayer Ireland

Had a great day yesterday with our 24-7ireland team. We spent some quality, focussed and productive time together.

We had Priscilla Reid with us in the morning, she is our national advisor. Her insight and wisdom was very encouraging. She shared about the accessibility of 24-7prayer being a real strength.Also in term of integration how well it integrates into church life and programmes.

We talked around the whole subject of boiler rooms, this was very encouraging. Churches can have "Orders" groups set apart for specific purposes. Boiler rooms could be orders of established churches. We talked honestly about boiler rooms becoming overly independent, people doing community just for the sake of community, missional living and absalomic spirits.

No massive conclusions I guess other than we as a team knowing that communities will be birthed in Ireland and we want them to remain and work with their local churches. It will be a hard road to walk but it needs to happen. Priscilla was great throughout.

Boiler rooms must be Incarnational, Integrated, Intelligent.

The rest of the day we spent on practical stuff, with everything ticking along nicely. Our year of prayer is gathering momentum, here's a little list of who has prayed and is praying up till March, there are one or two that have probably been missed but things are going really well.

Jan 13-21 CFC Belfast, Jan 13-20 City Church Belfast, Jan 21-25 Church of Ireland College (Dublin), Jan 26-27 Priesthill Methodist, Feb 1-8 Dromore Cathedral, Feb 9/10 Craigmore Methodist, Feb 10-16 Lucan, Dublin, Feb 15/17 Ballysillen YFC, Feb 17-24 Dromore YFC, Feb 25-29 Lurgan, Mar 1-21 Lurgan, Mar 7/9 Soul Mates (DYCW).

One group were praying on the streets when they met a number of local politicians who were out campaigning. They also met Ian Paisley (Northern Ireland First Minister) and they prayed with him on the street! He's the guy on the left. Fantastic.

It ended up us all heading down the pub for a great meal and another diet Guinness, I then went for a good old heart to heart with Adrian Eagleson, Alain picked me up we drove to Lurgan and hung out with the very hospitable Melanie and David Wiggins until a little after one in the morning...

Speaking at True in Lurgan tonight, hanging out with Alain today.

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sam mooney said...

great picture of the chuckle brothers. It's amazing how time changes who would have thought you'd live to see those two next to each other laughing.