Friday, February 01, 2008


I am in Barcelona airport, on my way to Northern Ireland. The BBC forecast says it is snowing there, not sure how true that is, but it looks cold.

I will be speaking at Northdown CFC on Sunday morning and then at Emmanuel Church Lurgan on Sunday night. I have a 24-7 Ireland team meeting all day Tuesday and am speaking at True in Lurgan on Wednesday night. 

I travel to Scotland on Friday for a weekend with the 24-7 international leadership team. This is where we will be staying, The House of Cantle.

Hopefully I will have time to blog this week.

Just bought some cigars!


alamedero said...

Hope you have a great time in NI and that lots of people step up to help you guys out with the new building (and with some family support too!!).

Will be praying for you...


scot said...

Wow!! that place looks awesome, and if you get snow too! have a great time.

mimou said...

Oh wow, you are coming to Scotland?! (Btw I live in Glasgow these daze!) That place looks loooooovely!!