Saturday, February 02, 2008

A shameless plug

I wouldn't do this if I thought a singer was rubbish, I would politely ignore it, but I want to do a little plug for Mrs Melanie Wiggins

Check out her blog

She's great and you can help her:

Here’s what you do:
  • Register your email with 
  • Go to the bit along the top that says 'showcases'
  • Select 'All Genres 2'
  • Select 'vote'.
  • Find Mel on the list
  • Click on Mel
  • If there is anything on there that asks you to buy any shares or backstage passes, you don't have to and it will not effect the votes, although it may make Mel look worthy enough of support if she’s seen to have people willing to invest in her.

I’d love it if you took five minutes and did this. 

Mel deserves a break and is currently second if she comes top she gets a £15,000 record deal or something like that.

She currently has 15% of the vote and is second.

Together we can get her there.


anaka said...

wow...she´s really good!
i´ll vote for her

indya said...

Go Mel!