Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome bags

Last year we gave out welcome bags to workers in the west end of San Antonio. They went down really well, there was a little flurry of comments with regards to us putting condoms in the bags, but the people who recieved them talked a lot more about the groovy bibles. Actually they didn't just talk many read it

We had one girl who upon finishing her shift at 6am, went home and read Revelation, she approached us the next day and said "f**king heavy s**t, but I really enjoyed it"! We had many more complimentary expletive ridden comments about the cool bibles.

This year we are going to give out the bags again, we need 400, I already have the bibles. I think I have got the condoms sorted, we were going to get our logo printed on them but we thought the number 24-7 may have given false hope...

I have two lists! A big list for the start up of our new room and a small list for items to put in the welcome bags.

I thought I would start small, if you could help that would be cool but also if you have 400 of something you think would work let me know.

We try to go with little things, chocolates and chewy sweets melt, also British things are nice for people working away from home. It's all about kindness and seeking to bless the community that we are part of, a no strings attached gift thats more about love than anything else.

In multiples of 400

1. Lovehearts
2. Marmite Sachets
(If you are non UK; Marmite is what Satan will serve you on toast when you go to hell, you either love it or hate it)
3. Individual PG tips Tea bags
4. Printed pens (sort of 24-7 ibiza styly)
5. Little note books
6. Sweets
7. Sherbert lollies
8. Marmalade (you get this on toast when you go to heaven)
9. Cosmetic samples (this was Tracy and Helens idea, although I like it, even if they are girly it gives a bloke something too give away to a girl)
10. Postcards and stamps.
11. Perfume or after shave testers!

Now you may know someone who can get these things if you do it would be a real help, I have a UK and US address they could be delivered to.

You may want to donate for say the pens, postcards or stamps.

You may have a good idea yourself, we'll take pretty much anything, as long as it's not "you won't be dancing like this in hell" gospel tracts. Let your imagination go, what would be good and fun to give?

Speak to me, help me...

Or you may just want to wait for the big £8000 list I will post later this week!

By the way, we use biodegradable, earth loving, tree hugging, hippy friendly bags.


Ben said...

I'm all about the hippy bags Brian! Just got back from my design course, i've been drinking nettle tea all week! not sure that would go down well in ibiza??!
I watched the welcome bag video on you tube last week -very funny indeed.
I think Bec is doing some pen research for you.

jenelle said...

Yes, way to be with the hippy bags and the PG tips. I must agree that Satan will be serving the Marmite on little pieces of toast.

kiwipaddy said...

great idea ... what about some fun, fast growing seeds ... something that will sprout into something tangible & pretty in 2 weeks on a hotel balcony ... like the grassy potato head type thing. who hasn't got cotton wool in their makeup bag in ibiza, a glass and some water?

Tanya Heasley said...

I hate Marmite, but love marmalade. I'm glad I know where I'm going.

I could probably sort you out some perfume samples. When do you need them by?

crazy daisy said...

actually, germans will get NUTELLA in heaven, i suppose (and I really do hope so)...
Doro (or Dee, as you called me)