Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oranges are not the only fruit....

Okay so this is not an orange! it's an old tortoise that wanders around the orange grove where a friend kindly let us pick some oranges yesterday.

Tracy with a great pair

Ellis picked the best fruit by climbing and getting the large untouched oranges at the top. Branches would have snapped and my cashmere jumper would have snagged if I had tried it!

Aren't they beautiful?

I wish we had brought a ladder, he's not as small as he used to be.

Ducks and chickens, great for eggs, but try not to step on them.

In case you are wondering my other son Dan was at a friends, Ellis is a great tree climber.


Anonymous said...

Lovely.... The scent of orange blossom in the evening is one of my favourite memories of living in Turkey.


Mark Robins said...

Yo Brian,
Have replied to your comment on my blog, "The story so far..."