Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's been extremely windy here for the last couple of days, wind is definitely one of my favourite elements.

There are huge waves out on the sea, crashing over the rocks at the end of our road, the trees are really bent over and they are making that lovely rustling sound, there are leaves and pollen flying everywhere and of course lots of plastic bags. It's coming in huge gusts.

I wouldn't want to be flying in to Ibiza today, it would be very turbulent.

If I had a kite, I would fly it, but I haven't.

Boats to the main land will be cancelled today and yesterday the whole of the bay had a power cut that lasted about 3 hours.

There is something nicely disruptive about wind, and you can't do anything about it, you can't stop it. I guess you can shelter from it, avoid it if you must, but you can't stop it blowing.

Life's like that, you can't stop it happening, you can avoid it if you must, you can shelter from it but you can't stop it happening.

I guess if I was true to myself I would say that I don't always enjoy life and the fact that it is unpredictable and you can't control or get a grip on the direction it is taking you.

Do you ever just feel blown along by circumstances? Like life is out of control and you can't do anything about it?

Normally when I meet people who have control issues, it's because at some point areas of their life have been totally out of control. An illness, a death, a parent leaving, these thing leave us feeling like we are out of control and in all honesty we are! You lose control in one area so you try to bring it into other areas of your life to compensate. It's as if somehow by bringing control we can affect the outcome, are we really masters of our own destiny?

We can plan, we can predict but we can't control life, it's like the wind.

Maybe we just need to let ourselves be blown along, enjoying and enduring wherever the wind takes us.


Aitor de la Cámara said...

Qué bonito...

mimou said...

Ouch! Please include in your prayers that it'd be NICE weather over there next wednesday when I'm flying over to the neighbouring island! Not able to visit Ibiza though =( But I'll wave from over there!!

Eric St.Clair said...

I feel your pain. The weather in Iceland is always wind. Sunny wind, Rainy Wind, Snowy Wind, Windy Wind.