Thursday, March 06, 2008

We get the keys for our building today, woo hoo!!!! Still only a very small amount of finance raised. Stress is starting to creep up on me, I can feel it building.....

I was listening to a friend of mine this morning he was chatting about church and where he feels it needs to go, here are a few of his observations:

The picture above sums up where we need to be going

95 per cent of all churches worldwide have less than 100 people, either we are doing it wrong or that is the way God intended it. It's not about size, it's what we do with it thats important.

John Wimber said if your church hasn't grown in the last 5 years it probably won't!

So what do you do with that? Plant a new one.

People don't plant churches they plant singing services, the Bible doesn't talk about planting churches, it talks about making disciples. A singing service or just a gathering on a Sunday is not a church plant...... even a midweek service with DJ's and candles isn't a church plant.

Identify the places no one else wants to go to and go there.

We've got to move on, there are villages we have to go to, places we have to go to, things we have to do, we have to move on.

They were great words, they made me want to go somewhere darker and plant a community.

If I could just dream for a minute, "where would be good places to go and plant communities?"

1. Southern Ireland (least evangelised English speaking country in the world)
2. Las Vegas (America in general needs some fresh expressions of church)
3. Eastern Europe (Learn a weird language)
4. Spain (hard soil, beautiful weather)
5. Council estates in the UK (probably council estates all over the world, move in don't just visit)
6. Pubs (buy or lease one and make it happen)
7. With old people (They are living longer)
8. Amongst street gangs (This could be wild, would probably involve doing number 5)
9. Brothels (Check out Kelly Greene)
10. The Muslim World (We've got to think about this one)
11. Immigrant communities (I was a stranger and you welcomed me in)

There are probably quite a few more dangerous places that the church needs to go to.


Rebekah said...

Hey Brian,
We haven't met, I'm doing Transit in Guildford this year. Just wanted to say thanks for this, it's really timely. And also wanted to ask: My heart is for Ireland and I'm going to Belfast over our Easter Break to pray around the city. Just wondered if you had any good thoughts on places/things to pray at/for. (I've got a few obvious ones in mind; Stormont, Peace lines, etc.)


Anonymous said...

Brian - fantastic, particularly number 5!

And Rebekah, I work on a 'peace line' in West Belfast and you would be very welcome to come pray here! Brian can give you my contact details,

Laura x

Tanya Heasley said...

I prayed this morning...'here I am send me'...and God said...'are you sure?'...

After reading your list of dangerous places to go I'm not sure if I want to be sent there, but if God is in it then all will be well.

God is not safe, but He is good.

Sheena said...

Amen, Brian! This is my life. I was part of our church plant team 9+ years ago, and we planted our church in a place that was called "the graveyard of churches" in the state that has the lowest church attendance in the country. The stats were that churches downtown don't ever make it to the five-year mark. We've seen many little churches come and go, but we didn't plant a church, we created a community that cares for the downtown community (Isaiah 58 was our mandate). Now the city continues to ask for our help in addressing issues like crime and ending homelessness. We're just a little church (maybe 80 of us now, and that's the biggest we've been) that doesn't even have our own building. But it's God's plan, not ours. We just get to be along for the fun.

rick hill said...

thanks for the challenge about southern ireland. that's an incredible stat...

Anonymous said...

"It's not about size, it's what we do with it thats important."

If everyone could get this - the world would be an incredibly different place, huh?

Great post! I am on staff at one of the largest mega churches in Houston - and to be honest, there have been times I have felt very lost! :)

So, how about putting Houston, Texas on that list of yours????

And, remember...."Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don't worry about missing out. You'll find all your everyday human concerns will be met." Matthew 6:33 MSG

Karenkool said...

Some great thoughts here... I'll possibly be entering into a mine field of the public school board... we'll see what God does there. I hope I don't get blown up! aaaahhh.

Kate said...

Everyone thinks I'm a complete nutter, because I love Las Vegas. Would love to see a church there that authentically loves people, engages with what is actually going on, especially on the strip, but is fun, creative and tacky all at the same time. Also a church that doesn't have slot machines :)

You've got me thinking ...