Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Es Vedra

Been a busy few days, Tracy has been in the UK seeing her family and celebrating her birthday. So I have been holding the fort here. It's been fine, she's back now.

We have our first team here this week here, 4 people for 5 days they are praying a preparing with us for the summer.

I had a dreadful day yesterday, I took the car to school and did a football training session with the team when we came back to the car, I had left the lights on and the battery was flat. It took us an hour before Helen arrived to give me a jump start. Then to top is all off Liverpool conceded a stupid goal in the 94th minute against Chelsea!

Today we get the pool table for a prayer room, which will be cool.

I am also taking the team up to Es Vedra, if your ever in Ibiza you should check it out.

It's an uninhabited nature reserve about 3 km off the south west coast of Ibiza, the best beach to view it from is Cala D,Hort

Es Vedra is a beautiful rocky island, the smaller island is called Es Vedranell, about 400m high and comprising mainly of limestone, inhabited by goats and rats!

There are many ancient myths about Es Vedra; It's believed to be the island from which sirens lured sailors and the place where Odysseus came across them in Homer's epic odyssey. It is also the holy island of Tanit the Carthaginian goddess of fertility.

It's the third most magnetic spot on the earth and one of three mysterious energy triangles on earth where navigational instruments go mental (the Bermuda Triangle being another such place) this explain how sailors feared travelling near it and compasses don't work. It is said to throw out a mysterious light circle, also a place where loads of UFO sightings have happened???

The Carmelite priest Don Francisco Palau carefully recorded mystical revelations and meetings with 'unearthly beings surrounded by light' while meditating there. He lived on Es Vedra in the nineteenth century. Mike Oldfield put it on the cover of his album Voyager maybe because he could see it from his studio, which was later purchased by Noel Gallagher who probably just glared at it. I heard recently that Noel is selling the house because he's angry that James Blunt now lives in Ibiza!

In the old movie South Pacific the island is used as Bali Hai, I haven't seen the movie.

There's a great little walk up to a 16th century watch tower which gives an excellent vantage point of the island, these watchtowers used to surround the whole of Ibiza and where used as a warning signal for pirates a fire would be lit and then others would light fires. I think in the summer you can hire little boats and go out and sail round the island.

Anyway thats my little tour guide talk for the team all sorted......


Mark said...

Great photo! Even now I'm still gutted for Liverpool, can't believe what happened!!However would love it if Man U came away with a win tonight.

Anonymous said...

Es Vedra did not appear on Tubular Bells II, it appeared on a different Mike Oldfield album, Voyager. This is celtic/classical music.

Brian said...

Thank you I have changed the album name.

Mark shame about that missed penalty but I still think it will be a Man U Liverpool final....