Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What's the score with blog etiquette for photographs?

I normally just go to google images find the snap i am looking for and whack it up, it never used to bother me. Although as the readership of my little blog grows I wonder whether I should reference them.

For instance some very kind person just bought me a pair of Adidas Metro Attitude De Lux, Siren Red crushed velvet, Turquoise, and light Aqua a beautiful trainer. I found this snap on Female Sneaker Fiends Blog which now has me worrying they might be girls trainers, I don't really care, I love them. (That is if you can love your trainers?)

Do you like them?

Anyway just thoughts, when I get my digital camera back i will try to post some authentic photo's

Other things I love in a shallow way:

Peanut butter on toast
Earl Grey Tea
Cortados (Small strong spanish coffee with milk in it)
My Dog
Ralph Lauren Socks
Toasted Soda Bread with melted butter
Loakes Shoes
Apple Macs, specifically the airbook although right now this is more like lust.
Call of Duty 4


Anonymous said...

No idea on etiquette but I've always been worried about copyright. I try and use some photos from somewhere offical like istockphoto but then you have to pay, and that sucks. Or I use my own (which suck, but in a whole other way). So when you work it outl, let me know!

Alan said...


I was in cuba a while back and bought my dad Cohibas, you would have thought I had reached him gold...we don't even get on...but then I was in a shop in Ireland and realised how much they actually cost......then a few weeks ago I was in Poland bought my 1st Siglo 11 and realised why people love Cohibas, I remembered the neg comments you received when you mentioned your luv of cigars and I puffed away and dedicated my 1st one to you and your great work....keep it going......