Friday, April 25, 2008

I am speaking at the Anglican church in Santa Eulalia on Sunday morning at 11pm, I am looking forward to it. It's a great church it makes Tracy and I feel young, the guys there are very supportive of all we do.

They do weddings in Ibiza plus blessings and christenings if you want to know more check out their website

I found my self getting really angry with David Cameron yesterday it was something to do with the fact that crime statistic showed and over all drop in the UK, but he couldn't bring himself to say "well done"

What is that with politicians, why can't they ever just agree with each other. I hate the word opposition it seems to suggest this constant conflict between parties. In all honesty I just want to say "get over it."

I'm loving whats going down in America at the moment, I really like Barack Obama He seems like a man with a vision. The sooner that Bush goes the better as far as I am concerned. I don't dislike the man personally I've never met him but his foreign policies suck. I also don't like the way the religious right in America have hailed him in some circles as a man of God, it's scary.

Heres a great video:

Vote Obama he looks good.


kiwipaddy said...

he is good.

Anonymous said...

I think your opinion is rather shallow and doesn't seem to be very well thought through or researched, this is a typical european response. Style over substance. As an american I may not agree with everything you say or do but that does not give me the right to question if you are a man of God. Our president is not perfect but he loves this country and is trying to do what is best for it.

kiwipaddy said...

unfortunately, whether he is trying to do his best or not, his foreign policy is appalling. he acts outside the remit of the un and has created an atmosphere of fear (of terrorist attack) throughout many countries in the world. he is uninspiring to listen to - in contrast to many other inspirational american leaders - and doesn't appear to have coherrent responses to many of the questions put to him by journalists.

if you put yourself forward for such a prominent position (despite the specualtion/authenticity of his election to office in the first place) then you subject yourself to social commentary and debate. if he openly declares himself to be a christian and is in the political arena then it is adding a further dimension to this debate and his actions will be aligned to core christian belief and principles.

i am sure many leaders in the world, like the current 'leader' in zimbabwe, have good intentions for their country. unfortunately good intentions and trying ones best is not good enough when it is damaging to others. bush is in a position of responsibilty and he is acting like a child in a toyshop - only he is playing with peoples lives ... like the lives of those in iraq, and afghanistan - do you remember that place? or the men held illegally in guantanamo bay. how do his good intentions serve them justly? his 'management' of the country and its finances also has implications for us in europe as the credit crunch hits our house valuations, salaries and benefits.

perhaps america has travelled too far from its founding principles and the prospect of a return under obama is too much. then again, ask the native american community and they might suggest that it hasn't travelled far at all. ask the black community? whose america are we talking about anyway?

you appear not to have noticed that the author of this blog also expressed frustration about the leader of the conservative party in britain and did not just refer to the american situation.

in closing, trying your best is not always good enough; opinions regarding bush, his capability and integrity, are not confined to us in europe - i have heard them expressed by many americans and people from other nationalities; as christians we are accountable to one another and to god ... being a president does not exclude bush from this.

and while we are on the subject of americans/europeans/style/substance etc. ... those white socks and gym shoes really don't cut it with me ... but hey, each to their own in the free world, eh?

john heasley said...

Vision is needed, people follow a vision. I think Obama has that, I hope so. I'm not gonna comment on the other fella, it has been said above and I get upset easily.

Brian said...

great reply Kiwi, I am thinking that anyone who is using phrases like "rather shallow" has got to be English!!!! just that use of "rather" is not particularly American. I have a blog wind up merchant......

kiwipaddy said...

isn't it rather hard to distinguish between britain and america these days?

EilĂ­s said...

lol. i hate this subject and yet can't get away from it!!!

i'm not going to go deeply into this but a couple things -

1) anyone who is learned enough to admit it will realise that no american president is dealing with only his own mistakes. especially if the previous president has served 2 terms. he (or she potentially) is having to deal more with the previous 4 to 8 years than with his own choices. potentially not a great thing for the next president.

2) the american president's first responsibility is to america. that is what his position is for, BUT as we have seen with a number of presidents, that cannot ignore the duty and responsibility to the rest of the world who are influenced by american decisions.

3) if non-american's did more actual studying of american government and internal policies and issues, they would find that bill clinton wasn't the brilliant man that europeans seem to think he was and bush might not be as much of a monster as people think him.

4) as for the appointed by GOD, well, that's not our judgement. we might not agree that he is portraying christian qualities, but, aside from media portrayal - however skewed that is - our response needs to be prayer.

could if be time to start praying for america instead of constantly saying how much we hate it? how much power our words have and how little we bless instead of curse.

kiwipaddy said...

i don't think bill clinton was a brilliant man but he was intelligent. having grown up in northern ireland through some really awful times i remember standing in belfast hearing him address a divided group of people and he gave us hope ... for his contribution to that alone I appreciate what he did.

on the other hand when bush speaks i cringe. if his responsibility is to america then he has done america no favours throughout the world. he has blood on his hands for his incitement of violence, for instilling fear in people's hearts he is guilty again. his illegal and immoral holding of men without charge, access to legal aid etc is beyond belief. he should be dragged before a human rights tribunal in an orange jumpsuit without access to a lawyer; the right to express his christian belief; to pray to his god; without adequate food, access to daylight or his family and perhaps, then - if there is to be any hope for humanity at all - will he realise the extent of his actions, the evil he has perpeptuated and the burden of pain he has caused to so many.

god bless america? yes. god bless a man on a naive power trip? no. this has little to do with blessings or curse ... evil pervades when good men do nothing (not my words).

don't get me started ... america's president is a foolish man in a privileged position and the consequences of his actions are devastating to the lives of real people.

religious rhetoric has little or no place when a father has to go to the black market to source an iv needle for his child of 2 yrs old ... only to find that when he returns, three days later, his daughter died. and this in a country which once had one of the most superior health care systems in the world, pre-america invasion, that is.

speaking of which, how is the healthcare system in america these days?

sam mooney said...

hey big man what's your emil we are now in suffolk hope you are all well? fancy a visit from the mooney's?

crazy daisy said...

well, this is not a comment about the text but about your picture:
looks great! i just hope that you wore other shoes for the service... ;-)

greetings from germany
(probably see you end of september when i come to see helen)